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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - March 17th, 2018.
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New products today at Dobies

Self-watering Tray Insert

Self-watering Tray Insert £14.99
This optional accessory offers a valuable long term water supply (up to 14 days) for the 4 growing trays. Plants draw water as required from the capillary table. 56cm (22) long x 40cm (16) wide x 5cm (2) high. Capacity 3.4 litres.

Showa Thornmaster Gloves - Large

Showa Thornmaster Gloves – Large £6.99
Ideal for thorny work and general maintenance where hands need extra protection. Nitrile coated palms give the wearer a secure grip in both wet and dry conditions. Excellent finger tip feel. Ventilation to the back of the hand. Machine washable (40C maximum).


FloraBrite £18.99


FloraBrite £9.99

Strawberry Plants - Malling Centenary

Strawberry Plants – Malling Centenary £12.99
This mid season strawberry is an outstanding variety to celebrate 100 years of the famous East Malling breeding station. Beautiful conical-shaped berries with good colour and flavour. Yields of up to 450g per plant. Spread 21-30cm. Supplied as strong, bare root plants. Best single variety – if you only have room for one choose this!


FloraBrite £18.99

Jostaberry Plant

Jostaberry Plant £10.99
The Jostaberry produces large, dark-red berries which have a unique, exquisite taste, and are high in vitamins. Ideal for containers on the patio, it will crop from July to August. It also shows good resistance to mildew and has very few thorns, making easy picking. Supplied in a 1 litre pot.

Click and Drip Irrigation Kit

Click and Drip Irrigation Kit £44.99
Our Click & Drip attaches to your outdoor tap to water slowly and evenly (1 litre of water is released per drip hole per hour) so that your plants take up the water before it forms puddles which evaporate! It includes a tap connector, timer (which simply clicks onto the filter and can be programmed to water your plants each day), pressure regulator, 10m (33′) irrigation pipe with drip holes (specially designed to prevent soil blockage) spaced 30cm (12) apart, 4m (13′) non-drip pipe to carry the water from tap to plants, and full instructions.


ForaBrite £9.99