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Price reductions at PondKeeper

by John - March 17th, 2018.
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PondKeeper has cut the price of these items

PondXpert Organic Barley Straw Flakes

PondXpert Organic Barley Straw Flakes was £6.99 now £5.99
Here at pondkeeper we know all about the benefits of using barley straw to defeat blanket weed. We have seen first hand how this traditional remedy works.
One thing that can look a bit unsightly with barley straw bales is that they are designed to sit just under the water line – making them highly visible.
This new treatment sinks as soon as it enters the water.
Also the fact the ‘flaked’ appearance of the barley means that water penetrates through the individual pieces more efficiently releasing more of the active ingredient.

Blagdon Anti-Parasite for ponds 1ltr

Blagdon Anti-Parasite for ponds 1ltr was £27.99 now £21.99
5 day course of treatment for 9092 litres (2000 gals). Symptoms: fish gasping at surface, flicking and scratching, cloudy eyes, slime patches and white spots.

Velda Hanging Spinner - Heron Detterrent

Velda Hanging Spinner – Heron Detterrent was £29.99 now £24.99
This clever item hangs above your pond and moves in the lightest wind. It has an eye that resembles that of a predator and this, plus it’s reflective movement qualities scares away herons from your pond.

3x3 Greenseal Pondliner

3×3 Greenseal Pondliner was £62.91 now £58.50

4x3 Greenseal Pondliner

4×3 Greenseal Pondliner was £83.88 now £78.00

5x3 Greenseal Pondliner

5×3 Greenseal Pondliner was £104.85 now £97.50

4x4 Greenseal Pondliner

4×4 Greenseal Pondliner was £111.84 now £104.00

5x4 Greenseal Pondliner

5×4 Greenseal Pondliner was £139.80 now £130.00

6x4 Greenseal Pondliner

6×4 Greenseal Pondliner was £167.76 now £156.00