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New products at PondKeeper

by John - March 21st, 2018.
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PondKeeper just added these new products

Evolution Aqua UV EVO 110 Watt

Evolution Aqua UV EVO 110 Watt £219.99
At last an ultra-powerful 110 watt version of our bestselling UVC. This Ultra Violet Clarifer is great for big ponds.

PondXpert Telescopic Pond Silt Remover

PondXpert Telescopic Pond Silt Remover £29.99
A simple, easy to use hand operated pump device for removing silt from the bottom of the pond.
Every pond accumulates a layer of silt and debris in the bottom of their pond no matter how hard you try to keep it clear. This can lead to problems with water clarity, pollution of the water etc and therefore should be removed frequently.
This silt vac is the ideal solution – lightweight and not powered by electricity, it can be taken to the pond, used to manually hand pump out the silt and stored ready for next use.
Simple pond vacuum with no running costs.

Waterproof Cable Joiner - Three Way

Waterproof Cable Joiner – Three Way £14.99
Wire up 3 pond items together

Air Hose Black 4/6mm Length 15m

Air Hose Black 4/6mm Length 15m £9.99
4mm air hose (6mm external) for pond air pumps.
15 metre length (49′)

evolution aqua 4mm Sinking Airline - 1m

evolution aqua 4mm Sinking Airline – 1m £2.99
Keep your pond looking its best by upgrading to this 4mm airline. It sinks under the water out of sight which is aesthetically more pleasing than floating airline.
Also has benefit of preventing your fish getting wrapped around the airline.