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New products at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - March 27th, 2018.
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Jersey Plants Direct has these new products today

MSE Offer 170 Pet Bolero 170 Ger Par 170 BL Jigsaw 170 Beg Sahara

MSE Offer 170 Pet Bolero 170 Ger Par 170 BL Jigsaw 170 Beg Sahara £19.99
Save up to 72%!Receive this Bumper Pack of all your favourite plug plants for only £19.99 create colourful displays in your garden this Summer plug plants will need to be grown on.

MSE Offer 170 Geranium Parade

MSE Offer 170 Geranium Parade £9.99
Beautiful Shades and Brilliant PerformanceBrighten up your garden with the Geranium Parade 170 plants. Enough to fill plenty of space with these dazzling blooms. Lasting from June to October these are ideal for covering any borders.

MSE Offer 170 Busy Lizzie Jigsaw

MSE Offer 170 Busy Lizzie Jigsaw £9.99
A Free Flowering, Popular Variety of Busy Lizzie!The vibrant colours and long flowering season make this a popular choice among gardeners. From May until the first frosts, this variety will produce vibrant blooms in shades of pink, white, orange, lilac and yellow.

MSE Offer 170 Petunia Bolero

MSE Offer 170 Petunia Bolero £9.99
An Outstanding, Double Flowering Petunia VarietyWith there frilly leaves one of the prettiest Petunias in colourful shades of various pinks.Always a firm favourite Create gorgeous displays in your garden this Summer.

MSE Offer 170 Begonia Sahara

MSE Offer 170 Begonia Sahara £9.99
Fantastically Vigorous and Easy to GrowBearing brilliant colours all Summer long in beautiful shades of pinks, reds and whites, set against glossy green and bronze. This variety of Begonias will flower from May until the first frosts. Vigorous and a prime candidate for an incredible display.