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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - April 21st, 2018.
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Blooming Direct reduced the price on these lines today

Blackcurrant "Ben Lomond" bare root

Blackcurrant "Ben Lomond" bare root was £9.99 now £2.99
Bursting with flavour and Vitamin C, the large glossy black fruit of Ben Lomond cover the branches of this completely new type of blackcurrant in mid-summer. Unlike most others, which require a lot of space to grow, this compact beauty only ever grows to 3ft (1m) making it perfect for the smallest of gardens grow it in a border, a large pot or even plant several to make a fruiting hedge. Really easy to grow, Ben Lomond will thrive in a sunny, sheltered spot out of strong winds and prefers well-drained soil (or compost). Plants are as tough as old boots and have flowers that are resistant to frost. All you need to do to ensure a bumper crop is feed them well with blood, fish and bone in mid-spring, followed by a dose of poultry manure or another high nitrogen plant food, in June.

Verbena bonariensis 9cm

Verbena bonariensis 9cm was £4.99 now £2.99
A tall, award-winning perennial with erect, branching stems, Verbena bonariensis is a well-loved garden plant deserving a place in every garden so long as there is border space to plant it. Tightly packed clusters of small, purple flowers are produced in abundance and carried on tall, willowy stems from summer to autumn, adding a sophisticated grace to planting schemes. Also known as Argentinian vervain, it is one of the longest-lasting plants in the garden, with flower heads persisting right into the depths of winter, providing much needed interest. Ideal as a filler in borders, it is ‘transparent’, allowing other plants to shine through, and one of the best plants around to add structure to the border and attract a host of pollinating insects to the garden. Reliably hardy and very easy to grow and seeds freely so, once established provides a plentiful source of free plants! Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot.

Longifflorrum Asiatic LA Lily x 25 bulbs

Longifflorrum Asiatic LA Lily x 25 bulbs was £10.00 now £4.99
Recent Lily breeding has created some huge and beautifully fragrant Oriental type Lilies, in their pinks and whites, their brighter, bolder and brighter Asiatic cousins seem to have been left out. Not any more following their breeding with the ever-popualr Longilforum scented lilies, to create Longiflorum Asoatic (LA) hybrids.  With their beautiful sunshine rays of colours in a range of bold ‘fruit salad shades’ in yellow, berry pink, orange and red, these vibrant and hot tropical colours really light up your hot summer garden, and they even inherit some of the fragrance of their parents too. Short and strong enough to grow in pots, yet tall enough to cut armfuls of flowers each summer, they are versatile, and very hardy and easy. Plant en masse in large pots or in groups for maximum impact, or maybe just dot them round your garden to brighten up odd spots. Plant in Spring, and pick in Summer – and again year after year. Great value and easy to do Lilies.

Ismene (White Spider Lily) - pack of 10 bulbs size 14/16

Ismene (White Spider Lily) – pack of 10 bulbs size 14/16 was £9.99 now £4.99
This interesting and unusual family of easy-to-grow bulbs produce spectacular Summer displays of sparkler-like white flowers, called Ismene or more commonly White Spider Lilies, or sometimes the Peruvian Daffodil. Despite their tropical looks, they grow and flower well in the UK in warm, sunny spots – great in pots, or in a well-drained sunny border. They will reach a height of 45cm, and flower in late summer, lasting for several weeks. In full flower on a warm Summer’s day, they are highly fragrant, and really add a different look to your garden. Easy to grow, they thrive if fed and watered well when growing, and kept in a sunny spot. Allow them to die back down underground each year for bigger and better displays for many years to come. Why not mix White Spider Lily in your pots and planters for something really different?

Heat Treated Freesia corms - pack x 100 corms 4/5

Heat Treated Freesia corms – pack x 100 corms 4/5 was £9.99 now £4.99
One of the most attractive and sweetly fragrant summer flowering bulbs, this specially selected mixture will be supplied as heat-treated bulbs, which guarantees they will flower from the first season onwards. Supplied in a stunning array of bright colours, these will be perfect for growing in pots on your patio or planting in beds or borders. They will over-winter in mild winters, and produce bigger and better displays in future years. These beauties no longer need to be simply a treat, so grow your own, and you can enjoy bountiful crops to pick again and again, and at a fraction of even supermarket prices and at just pennies per bulb. They thrive in pots in warm spots, or in well-drained soil, they will flower in summer. Cut the flowers when tight in bud for maximum enjoyment and fragrance indoors, or leave them to provide a splash of colour outside.

Gladioli Bulbs mixed colours - pack x 100 bulbs

Gladioli Bulbs mixed colours – pack x 100 bulbs was £12.99 now £6.49
Imagine tall spires of Gladioli in a sweet-shop confection of colours, bursting skywards in full Summer. They really are so simple to grow, each bulb primed to burst into life this Spring. Each bulb will give one sensational stem of flower this Summer, which can be cut for the house when in tight bud, or left to brighten your garden. Pretty hardy, they have survived the last 3 Winters in Martins garden, providing bigger and better displays the following year. Extremely easy and low maintenance, and yet very rewarding and at less than 10p each, incredible value for money too!! Supplied as a mixed pack of 100 bulbs in at least 8 colours, size 8/10 corms. Will reach 90-120cm tall. Flower July & August.

Climbing Rose bush Collection - 3 varieties bare root

Climbing Rose bush Collection – 3 varieties bare root was £12.99 now £7.99
Nothing beats the sight and scent of traditional English climbing roses dripping form an archway or pergola, churning out flowers for 4 months through the Summer, and producing a fabulous fragrance wafting on the breeze, especially on warm days. Perfect for climbing up to 2m up trellises, arches, walls or fences, these bare root roses will produce their first displays this summer.  You will get one each of : Dublin Bay – a sumptuous red double, very-free flowering and quite thorn free Golden Showers – bright sunshine yellow Zepherine Drouhin – vibrant pink

Rose Collection - Best Ever 5 Bush Hybrid Tea Roses

Rose Collection – Best Ever 5 Bush Hybrid Tea Roses was £12.49 now £7.99
Simply Stunning! Our best Ever Garden Rose collection of 5 Fabulous Hybrid Tea Roses This incredible collection, available at this introductory price only whilst limited stocks last, comprises 1 each of Vibrant Red, Pure White, Golden Yellow, Powder Pink and Peach Melba. All varieties have been selected for their proven garden performance, and will provide fantastic outdoor colour as well as stems you can cut for indoor displays too. They will fragrantly repeat flower from May to October year after year and are incredibly easy to grow. Each premium quality bush is totally winter hardy and will already have 3-5 strong branches when delivered to you. Bushes grow to 60-90cm tall and now is the perfect time to plant! Incredible fragrance and non-stop colour Repeat-displays – masses of beautiful blooms from May to October every year Disease resistant, and easy to grow… proven performers in British gardens 60-90cm high – perfect for your patios, beds and borders

Chrysanthemum Garden 'Mums Collection - 18 Plug Plants

Chrysanthemum Garden ‘Mums Collection – 18 Plug Plants was £16.99 now £8.49
Nothing heralds the arrival of Autumn in the garden than good old-fashioned Chrysanths – and these amazing Hardy Garden ‘Mums are just the ticket to fill your garden with colour late on in the season and on into Winter. Naturally dome forming and compact, they will make fabulous potted plants for outdoors, or neat little domes in beds and borders. They will be smothered in literally hundreds and hundreds of flowers in deep, rich Autumnal shades, their filled centres joining together to create a carpet of colour. You will get 3 jumbo plugs each of 6 colours from the Gigi series – Orange, Coral, Pink, Dark Pink, Snow and Yellow – all flowering their socks off from late August well into November. Perfection for the Autumn garden!