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Price reductions at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - April 25th, 2018.
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Jersey Plants Direct reduced the price on these products today

Strawberry Ariba Red F1 12 Jumbo Plants

Strawberry Ariba Red F1 12 Jumbo Plants was £13.48 now £8.99
Aromatic Ripe Strawberries!Strawberry Ariba Red F1 is a compact variety which is ideal for your hanging baskets. It will produce lovely red flowers in March and April, followed by sweet, aromatic Strawberries throughout the Summer and even into Autumn.

Strawberry Ariba Red F1 24 Large Plants

Strawberry Ariba Red F1 24 Large Plants was £26.96 now £13.48
A Heavy Cropper!Enjoy your own strawberries throughout the Summer with this exceptional variety that will provide a bountiful supply of these delicious fruits. The Strawberry Ariba Red is perfect for hanging from a basket or container making it almost too easy to pick your fruits.