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Price reductions at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - May 5th, 2018.
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Jersey Plants Direct has cut the price of these products

Hawaiian Fruitbowl 6 Jumbo Plants

Hawaiian Fruitbowl 6 Jumbo Plants was £11.99 now £5.99
Miniature Trailing Flowers!The almost sophisticated sorbet like colours of these miniature trailing flowers resembling Petunia’s, are so pretty set against the mound of green foliage, ideal for both hanging baskets and patio pots.There delicate bell shaped flowers will soon become a popular addition to your garden decor, perfect for smaller gardens too.

Fuchsia Upright 6 Jumbo Plants

Fuchsia Upright 6 Jumbo Plants was £10.99 now £5.99
Upright Fuchsias with a Good All Weather ToleranceWith their brightly coloured tubular flowers in shades of white, pink and purple, this collection of Upright Fuchsias will provide you with eye-catching displays from May until the first frosts. This variety is also great in all types of weather, making it ideal for those stereotypical British Summers.

Giant Fuchsia 6 Jumbo Plants

Giant Fuchsia 6 Jumbo Plants was £10.99 now £5.99
A Giant Flowering Variety of FuchsiaBeautifully abundant blossoms and lovely verdant green foliage, these impressive plants are real show stoppers. Much larger than a usual Fuchsia, with double blooms up to 3 in size. Superb trailing from any container or hanging basket and lovely colours too."

Fuchsia (Trailing) 6 Jumbo Plants

Fuchsia (Trailing) 6 Jumbo Plants was £10.99 now £5.99
Create Colourful Tubs and Baskets to Last All Summer!This Trailing Fuchsia collection will provide you with a wealth of tubular flowers in beautiful shades of pink, purple and white. Trailing up to 40cm, this variety will look absolutely stunning cascading over the sides of your hanging baskets, patio pots and window boxes from May until the first frosts.

Hardy Fuchsia 6 Jumbo Plants

Hardy Fuchsia 6 Jumbo Plants was £10.99 now £5.99
Create a Carpet of Colour all Summer long!A great investment and so versatile. This Hardy Fuchsia Collection has been specially chosen for its durability, strong, upright habit and abundance of flowers in pretty shades of pink, crimson, purple and white. These Fuchsias are guaranteed to create a carpet of colour in your Summer displays for years to come.

Hawaiian Fruitbowl 12 Jumbo Plants

Hawaiian Fruitbowl 12 Jumbo Plants was £18.98 now £9.99
A Fruit Bowl of Colour!A fruit bowl of colour set against green mounds of foliage make these miniature plants, offer an exceptional display in your garden this Summer, with delicate bell shaped flowers and excellent trailing qualities enjoy, perfect for all your containers and hanging baskets.

Fuchsia Upright 12 Jumbo Plants

Fuchsia Upright 12 Jumbo Plants was £16.98 now £9.99
Create Eye-Catching Displays throughout the Summer!This Upright Fuchsia Collection has brightly coloured tubular flowers in shades of white, pinks and purples which are perfect for creating eye-catching displays throughout the Summer. With their good all weather tolerance, they are the perfect addition to your beds, borders, hanging baskets or patio pots.

Fuchsia Trailing 12 Jumbo Plants

Fuchsia Trailing 12 Jumbo Plants was £16.98 now £9.99
Perfect for Creating Unforgettable Trailing Displays! Whites, pinks and purples make this Trailing Fuchsia Collection a great choice for vibrant Summer colour. Tubular flowers set against luscious green foliage will give a show stopping effect to all your displays this season. Trailing beautifully, they are perfect for your hanging baskets and containers. A real ‘must-have’ for stunning designs.

Giant Fuchsia 12 Jumbo Plants

Giant Fuchsia 12 Jumbo Plants was £16.98 now £9.99
Extravagant Large Double Blooms up to 3 in Size!A wonderfully large and colourful flower head is the best aspect of these lovely Fuchsias. As big as three inches on each bloom! A vigorous habit, very good weather tolerance and as trailers they are unbeatable and will allow you to create show-stopping displays from May until the first frosts!"