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Price reductions at Blooming Direct

by John - May 12th, 2018.
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Reduced price on products today at Blooming Direct

Tumbelina Petunia Fragrant Collection 12 plug plants

Tumbelina Petunia Fragrant Collection 12 plug plants was £14.99 now £7.99
Tumbelina Petunias are the original and still the best double, trailing, fragrant petunias. Their carnation-like flowers have masses of gorgeous petals that layer upon each other creating the perfect summer patio display, unlike any other available. The varieties in this collection have been chosen for their gorgeous heady perfume which will fill the air wherever you grow them. Plant them in hanging baskets, window boxes and patio containers where they will excel. Their gently trailing habit means they will tidily tumble over the edge of the container and trail for approx. 30cm (1ft), with flowers along the full length of the branches. They will flower from late May to the first frosts and require only occasional dead-heading to prolong displays. Bred in The UK near Cambridge, they have been rigorously trialled, tested and proven to grow brilliantly in this country in our variable Summers. Varieties Included: Priscilla, Belinda, Joanna, Melissa, Katrina and Margarita – 2 plugs of each.

Busy Lizzie Impatiens New Guindea Divine Pack of 24 Jumbo Plug Bedding Plants

Busy Lizzie Impatiens New Guindea Divine Pack of 24 Jumbo Plug Bedding Plants was £19.99 now £9.99
At last, the New Guinea Divine Busy Lizzie offers a real mildew resistant alternative to seed-raised Busy Lizzies.   Their lovely bright colours are set against deep-green and tough leaves, and planted about 30cm apart they provide a carpet of colour in any border, bed or patio planter. A real breakthrough for British gardeners that delivers every year.

Climbing Antik Geranium Collection x 9 Jumbo Plug Plants

Climbing Antik Geranium Collection x 9 Jumbo Plug Plants was £14.99 now £9.99
Antik Geraniums are unique because they grow taller than any other variety in existence! They are so vigorous they are often referred to as The Climbing Geranium, reaching around 1.2m (4ft) tall in a single season. Plant them 3 of one colour in a 25-30cm diameter pot and watch them grow! They can be over-Wintered in a frost free conservatory, porch or garage too, and will reach 1.5M or so in subsequent years. Each collection contains 3 large rooted plugs of: Antik Orange – Deep orange to red flowers Antik Pink – bright pink a little more compact than the others Antik Violet – vibrant neon purple, the most vigorous of all.  V ery unusual and often not found in garden centres because they do not suit the small pots they so often sell, as they out-grow them quickly. The will look great as part of your patio displays as they will add ultimate height,  but planted amidst a bed or border display they will make a really unique focal point.

Begonia 'Non-Stop' Hanging Basket/Bedding Plants - Pack of 18 Jumbo Plugs

Begonia ‘Non-Stop’ Hanging Basket/Bedding Plants – Pack of 18 Jumbo Plugs was £14.99 now £12.99
The perfect partner for Begonia Illumination, Begonia Non-Stop is so named because of its prolific flowering characteristics it literally smothers itself in vibrant, brightly coloured double flowers permanently from late April until the first frosts in the autumn. It is really easy to grow in beds and borders as well as patio containers and has such a good reputation with professional growers it is an almost permanent feature in park displays. This is especially so because the faded flowers drop off without the need for dead-heading making way for fresh flowers without any work required! In your garden the large, slightly upward facing flowers which reach 10-15cm across, will be held on strong stems. They are really weather resistant and will thrive in any conditions from the hottest summer days to typically showery summer weather. The colour range is stunning with all shades of red, orange, pink, yellow and white included.Perfect for hanging baskets and tubs where the plants can trail.