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New products at PondKeeper

by John - May 18th, 2018.
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New products today at PondKeeper

PondXpert PondMaster Pond Vacuum And Discharge Basket

PondXpert PondMaster Pond Vacuum And Discharge Basket £99.99
This Special Offer Set pairs the NEW PondXpert PondMaster Pond Vacuum up with the bestselling PondXpert Dirt Collector Basket. Get rid of all the muck and dirt in your pond cleanly and efficiently.
This new pond vac has the highest specification of all budget vacuums available in the market today. As well as standard features such as a 2m max. operating depth and a 2m length outlet hose it also boasts additional power (1600 watts) and a high-capacity chamber (35 litres). It also comes supplied with 4 wheels allowing easy manoeuvrability and transportation.
Use the dirt collecting Vac Basket to catch solid particles – this allows you to release the filtered water back into the pond.

PondXpert PondMaster Pond Vacuum

PondXpert PondMaster Pond Vacuum £79.99
We’re delighted to be able to offer to you the best value pond vac we have ever seen. Despite the low price this vac offers better features than any other budget pond vaccum on the market today.
This pond vac comes with an extra large high capacity chamber (35 litres) and extra power (1600 watts). It also ships with three quality ‘heads’ or nozzles:
1 x wide nozzle for big areas
1 x small crevice nozzle for hard to reach places
1 x adjustable nozzle 2-10mm
The pond vacuum can be used to a suck up dirt and debris from the pond floor to a maximum depth of 2m (6′ 6″). The inlet hose can be extended by attaching additional hose pieces (two of which are translucent so you can see debris as it disappears up the hose).

PondXpert Pond Waterfall Black

PondXpert Pond Waterfall Black £19.99
Create a winding watercourse into your pond with this attractive waterfall. Over two and a half feet in length this durable, black plastic fall will last for 20 years (guaranteed). It is relatively shallow so only needs a small flow of water to make it work.