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Five ways that gardening can improve your mental health

by Diane - May 18th, 2018.
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Five ways that gardening can improve your mental health

It’s a well-known fact that spending time outdoors and being active can be beneficial for your wellbeing, and 56% of Brits say they like the Great British Outdoors*, but how many people overlook what’s on their very own doorstep?

Garden building retailer, Tiger Sheds, is encouraging Brits to get out into their back yard this Mental Health Awareness Week, with five simple tips on how to improve your mental health from your garden.

·         Find a personal space

The first step is to get out there and reconnect with the outdoors. Being in a peaceful space can help you to reset your mind and gather your thoughts. Sitting in a quiet space can have a similar effect to meditation, helping to lift stress. So, enjoy the green space in your own garden, as it can be a lot more relaxing and convenient than trying to find a peaceful spot in a busy park.

·         Get the whole family involved

Get the whole family to muck in! Gardening is naturally a fun activity for kids as well as adults, as they can work with their hands to dig, plant and harvest under adult supervision. It can also help to teach them key skills such as the importance of maintaining a garden and how to communicate with the people you’re working alongside.

Another benefit of gardening is that it can help develop the sensory system in young children; as lots of colours, aromas and textures can improve their senses and imagination.

·         Consider it a workout

Use the down time as an easy way to workout. As the saying goes, ‘a healthy body is a healthy mind’ and to an extent it is very true. Gardening can burn more than 300 calories during just one hour of light gardening work*. You’ll barely notice the workout and the exercise will help your body to produce endorphins, which help to improve mood and fight stress**.

·         Soak up the sun

Being outside will help your skin soak up all the vitamin D it needs. Low vitamin D levels have been linked to obesity, diabetes, cancer, seasonal affective disorder and cardiovascular disease. Spending time gardening is a way of making sure you get enough of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ that can seriously improve your mood and health.

·         Take satisfaction in your gardening achievements

Gardening can be one of life’s most satisfying activities. Being able to start a flower bed or vegetable patch from scratch gives you a sense of ownership, and seeing your hard work grow can fill you with a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Kiarna Benson from Tiger Sheds said “Taking pride in your garden and spending some time outdoors can really help you to unwind. This Mental Health Awareness Week it is worth remembering that one of the best places for you to relax is right on your doorstep.

“Here at Tiger Sheds we want to encourage people to make the most of their own back yard and use it as a tool to improve their mental health”

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