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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - May 24th, 2018.
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New items today at Dobies

Geranium Plants - Mixed

Geranium Plants – Mixed £12.00
Early to flower, with a compact and bushy growth habit, this is an outstanding choice for bedding or patio containers. The mixture includes all the traditional bright geranium colours, many of which also feature attractively zoned foliage. Flowers June-August. Height 35cm (14); spacing 30cm (12). Supplied in 9cm pots.

Geranium Plants - Red

Geranium Plants – Red £12.00
A classic geranium with a branching habit, attractively zoned foliage and a profusion of large, scarlet flowers. The most popular individual colour in the mix of Cabaret. Flowers June-August. Height 35cm (14); spacing 30cm (12). Supplied in 9cm pots.

100 Perennial Plants Lucky Dip

100 Perennial Plants Lucky Dip £100.00
It’s suddenly the season to show off your garden, and our 100 perennials for 100 offer means you can still enjoy beautiful borders and the scents of summer – for just 1 per plant.When did you last step into your garden and feel it take your breath away? We’ve picked out a selection of 100 perennials, and at just 100 you can fill your outside space with blooms and scents that’ll stop you in your tracks every time.We know that getting those borders ready for another summer just doesn’t always work with your diary, and we’ve taken the hard work out of creating that beautiful outside space this year.In fact, as the offer includes 100 perennials, we’ve taken the hard work out of next year too!We’ve picked out 100 of our favourite perennials, so you can expect blooms, colours and fragrances that work well together and look fantastic.This collection includes 3 of each of the varieties below in 9cm pots, plus many more…Delphinium Magic Fountains, Rudbeckia Goldsturn, Nepeta Blue Moon, Coreopsis Early Sunrise, Armeria Ballerina Red, Heuchera Palace Purple, Achillea Summer Pastels, Armeria Ballerina Rose, Digitalis Summer King, Leucanthemum Dwarf Snow Lady, Verbena Bonariensis, Geum Mrs Bradshaw, Armeria Ballerina Rose, Silene Stary Dreams, Aquilegia Black Barlow, Eryngium Blue Hobbit, Lupin Dwarf Gallery Mix.(PLEASE NOTE: Photo for illustration purposes only, varieties will differ from those pictured.)

Geranium Plants - White Splash

Geranium Plants – White Splash £12.00
This superb new variety boasts excellent garden performance, with attractive rosy-pink and white bi-coloured flowers set off against dark green foliage. Flowers June-early October. Height 20-30cm; spread 20-30cm. Half-hardy annual variety. Supplied in 9cm pots.