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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - October 2nd, 2018.
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GreenFingers has discounted the price of loads of products today

Terra Gardening Gloves - 1 Pair

Terra Gardening Gloves – 1 Pair was £1.99 now £0.99
The Terra Gardening Gloves will provide your hands with a lot of protection whilst giving you good levels of grip and dexterity.These gloves come with one piece fabric liners which offers great levels of comfort. Over these a latex layer on the palm has been moulded which with its textured effect gives you fantastic grip protection and a degree of water resistance.Cotton and latex constructionHigh dexterity. Excellent wet and dry grip. Green colour. Protective knit cuff. These are a great idea if you just need to do tougher tasks around the garden. Lightweight and nicely fitted these will help protect your hands whilst pruning or digging.One size fits all.

Kingfisher BBQ Brush with Scraper

Kingfisher BBQ Brush with Scraper was £1.49 now £0.99
The Kingfisher BBQ Brush and Scraper will keep your BBQ clean and looking new.BBQ Brush and scrapers are an essential part of any BBQ maintenance kit. Keeping your BBQ clean will prolong its use and benefit you in the long term.  Brass bristles Metal scraper Sturdy plastic handle with hanging hookDimensions: Length 20cm

Garland Pet and Garden Scoop - 20cm

Garland Pet and Garden Scoop – 20cm was £1.99 now £1.09
The multipurpose Pet and Garden Scoop will allow you to scoop and pour birdseed top up soil or distribute washing powder. Multipurpose scoop. Use in home or garden. Made from durable plastic. Narrow pouring spout. Perfect for refilling bird feeders scoop. Top up compost around the top of pots. Pour dishwasher salt washing powder. Pour cat litter or pet food. Dimensions: W6cm x D5 x H20cm

Nippon Ant Killer Liquid - 25g

Nippon Ant Killer Liquid – 25g was £1.99 now £1.29
The Nippon Ant Killer Liquid is just the thing for tackling crawling insects in and around your home.Made with a formula that works to effectively terminate colonies the liquid can really earn its money when the nest site is unknown or in a hard to reach place as it employs sugary-based ingredients to act as a type of bait which ants collect and then take back to their colony for others to feed on. The bait particularly appeals to black ants a genus typically attracted to homes and contains spinosad which is a fast-acting insecticide.It is recommended that the Killer Liquid should be used at the first sign of ant activity (usually early Spring). For best results apply a few drops in the late evening to a non-absorbent surface located near to the ant run. Make sure to not disturb feeding ants as it is important that they collect the bait and transport it back to the colony.The 25 g bottle can treat between 3 and 6 nests.

Kingfisher Frost Protection Fleece Jacket 2 Pack - 80cm x 60cm

Kingfisher Frost Protection Fleece Jacket 2 Pack – 80cm x 60cm was £1.99 now £1.75
Protect a variety of your plants with this Kingfisher Frost Protection Fleece Jacket 2 Pack which will ensure that cold weather can

Terra Tough Rigger Garden Gloves - 1 Pair

Terra Tough Rigger Garden Gloves – 1 Pair was £2.99 now £1.99
The Terra Rigger Gloves are rugged all-purpose work gloves.These gloves are made from tough cow hide with a swede palm and index finger padding that will ensure a good grip even if wet. These heavy duty gloves will help protect your hands whilst pruning digging or using garden hand tools.Tough cow hide construction. Swede palm and index finger lining for added grip. Thorn proof. One size fits all.

ProGarden Centre Pole Parasol Cover - 175cm Height

ProGarden Centre Pole Parasol Cover – 175cm Height was £3.99 now £2.29
Keep your parasol in pristine condition year after year with this ProGarden Centre Pole Parasol Cover – 175cm Height.This cover is constructed from a high performance waterproof fabric that is strong durable; held together by premium quality stitching and reinforced seams to ensure years of trouble-free use.Protect against: UV damage. Bird fouling. Dirt and grime. Each cover comes with an drawstring which allows the cover to be adjusted to fit perfectly providing important protection for your parasol from mould and insect damage. The cover is also supplied in a carry bag for convenient compact storage when not in use.Dimensions:Height: 175cmTop Width: 28cm diameterBottom Width: 50cm diameter Fits Parasols up to 300cmView alternative furniture covers for other sizes and shapes of protective cover for a wide range of garden furniture barbecues and other garden items.

Gardman Glow in the Dark Butterfly Stake

Gardman Glow in the Dark Butterfly Stake was £4.99 now £3.99
The Gardman Glow in the Dark Butterfly Stake is a Glow in the dark ornamental garden stake. During the day this Butterfly stake will make a pleasant feature addition to your garden. Come night time its wings illuminate bringing your garden to life. Glow in the darkMade of Metal with Glass WingsHighly detailedPerfect for pots or bordersDimensions: H75cm

Evergreen Extreme Green Lawn Feed - 1l

Evergreen Extreme Green Lawn Feed – 1l was £6.49 now £4.49
Scotts EverGreen Extreme Green Lawn Food is a concentrated liquid lawn food which produces deep green lawns in just 24 hours thanks to its high nitrogen content.  Superior deeper greening in just 24 hours. Greening lasts for up to 6 weeks. Easy to apply with a watering can. 

Plus another 52 great reductions