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Egg boxes

by Diane - April 17th, 2024.
Filed under: Hens.

I use old egg boxes for my own hens’s eggs, because I don’t sell them.

However as my new chickens start to lay I suspect we’re going to have too many eggs to eat so I’ve looked at Amazon and they have these egg boxes for sale

The pricing varies (Accurate as of 17th April 2024)  from 37p to 14p if you buy loads! Storage might be an issue for the large amount.

If you have 6 eggs a day you would need 365 boxes a year! 

30 Cartons £10.99  37p a carton

50 Cartons £15.49

100 Cartons £23.95

140 cartons £27.99

280 Cartons £47.99

560 Cartons £78.99  14p a carton