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Ten things you can do in the garden in May in the UK

by Diane - May 7th, 2024.
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Ten things you can do in the garden in May in the UK:

1. **Plant Summer Flowers:** May is the perfect time to plant summer-flowering bulbs and annuals like dahlias, geraniums, and petunias to add vibrant colors to your garden. Shop at Thompson and Morgan NOW – up to 70% off 

2. **Prune Spring Bloomers:** Trim back spring-flowering shrubs and bushes once they’ve finished blooming to encourage healthy growth for next year.

3. **Sow Vegetables:** Start sowing vegetables directly into the soil or in containers, including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and beans for a bountiful harvest later in the season.

4. **Weed Control:** Stay on top of weeds by regularly pulling them out before they have a chance to take over your garden beds.

5. **Feed and Mulch:** Apply a balanced fertilizer to your plants and top them off with a layer of mulch to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and provide nutrients as they grow.

6. **Set Up Supports:** Install supports like stakes, trellises, and cages for climbing plants such as tomatoes, peas, and beans to help them grow upwards and save space.

7. **Attract Pollinators:** Plant nectar-rich flowers like lavender, cosmos, and marigolds to attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial pollinators to your garden.

8. **Monitor Watering:** With warmer weather arriving, keep an eye on soil moisture levels and water your plants as needed, ensuring they receive adequate hydration without being overwatered.

9. **Start a Compost Pile:** Begin a compost pile or turn your existing one regularly to create nutrient-rich compost for your garden beds and potted plants.

10. **Plan for Summer:** Take some time to plan and prepare your garden for the upcoming summer months, considering any changes or additions you’d like to make to enhance its beauty and functionality.