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Pre lit Christmas Trees

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Why a pre lit Christmas tree is a great idea.

If you love Christmas but find it’s a bit of a chore putting a tree up and spending hours decorating it then you need to discover the easy ways of doing this.
A prelit tree is an artificial tree that has the lights built in to it. So no messing about unravelling wires to put the lights on and no winding them back up again after Twelth night.
An artificial tree doesn’t drop needles like a real pine tree. There’s a lot of different types and colours including ones with snow flocked effect for a really Christmasy feel.

With prices starting from under £55 it’s not too heavy on your wallet either!
There’s a lovely 4ft tall pre lit noble fir tree that’s just perfect for indoors. It’ll look fantastic with presents under it! It has soft pvc needles and 100 lights built in. It’s hinged which means it’s easy to put away after Christmas. You can add extra decorations to the tree to match your décor style.

One of the cheapest pre lit tree is a 90cm tall pyramid cone tree that has lovely warm white LED lights built in. It’s a lovely addition for your conservatory or even outside this Christmas! A pair of these either side of your front door would be the perfect welcome look your house needs.

4ft Pre Lit Noble Fir Artifical Christmas Tree

4ft Pre Lit Noble Fir Artifical Christmas Tree £54.99
A 4ft soft needle artifical Christmas Tree complete with 100 static clear micro bulbs.

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