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Bird feeders – great range

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Need a new bird feeder? It’s that time of year when the birds will really appreciate having some bird seed put out for them everyday! You need clean containers to feed them from – so wash out the old ones every so often and throw them away if the squirrel has ruined them! There are bird feeders that are squirrel bite proof. This is essential if you are plagued by squirrels! You’ll save yourself money in the long run too!
Make sure it’s topped up every day and make sure the lid is on properly so the rain doesn’t get in. When bird seed gets wet it starts to sprout and this blocks up the tube stopping the birds feed.
Always put fresh water out for the birds. A wide but shallow container is best – improvise with a dustbin lid if you have to! Put it on three bricks so it’s not directly on the grass and then the sun will still get to the lawn.
It’s rewarding feeding the birds as you get to see the acrobatics of the feathered friends that visit our gardens.

The Seed Fort Seed Feeder Large
The Seed Fort Seed Feeder Large £19.95
The Seed Fort Seed Feeder has a heavy duty steel construction and is bite proof to squirrels.

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Feeding the birds

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Now it’s the first frost of the year it’s important to put some food out for the birds and to make sure they have access to fresh water.

The RSPB has a great selection of bird feeders and foods available to buy online. And you can also get their Christmas cards right now!
Top selling bird foods include:
No-mess sunflower mix
RSPB suet bird cakes
Buggy nibbles
Premium peanuts
Suet balls
Feeder mix extra
Premium sunflower hearts
Table mix
Dried mealworms
Coconut shell treats

We should all feed the birds – it’s wise to use bird feeders though to avoid too much spillage, although blackbirds prefer the ground, so put some things out for them. They love apples too – so if you have any that are going soft or rotten then put them out for the birds.
Drinking water is essential for them too – and in this colder weather it’s important to check they have some and it’s not iced over.

Bird feeder cage

Bird feeder cage

If you have a problem with pigeons or squirrels then you will need to keep these away from the bird food. Pigeons quickly become a hazard if they get access to food. One of these adjustable ground feeder cages is just the thing to keep them out.