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Greenhouse Staging

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Two Wests and Elliott have an impressive range of greenhouse accessories including some aluminium staging. This helps you organise your greenhouse more efficiently and allows it to be more organised. Keeping plants tidy with easy access for pruning and watering is essentiall if you want your crops to do well. Maximising greenhouse space by using staging shelves is a good way of getting more plants in.
There are many different types available – check the dimensions of the greenhouse to make sure you don’t buy too much! The hot bench provides overwintering heat using electricity so is suitable only for a greenhouse with easy and safe access to electricity.

Deluxe Two Tier Up Staging
Deluxe Two Tier Up Staging £57.0000
Our range of Deluxe Two Tier Up-Staging has a smart ‘powder coated’ green finish with both improves the appearance of the staging & also makes it easier to clean – providing a smooth wipe clean surface to the staging.-Powder Coated Finish – moss green RAL6005 finish on framework trays & slats.-Covers & Edging – supplied with black covers for the nuts & bolts together with black edging strip for the gravel trays to create a smart deluxe finish to the staging.-Framework – cross-braced 1″ x 1″ x 1/16″ aluminium angle bolted together with aluminium nuts & bolts. This sturdy well engineered structure is achieved by using long lengths of aluminium combined with additional bracing below the top level & between the legs giving a much better load bearing capacity than other designs available. -30″ (75cm) high – with the lower tier 8″ (20.5cm) from the ground. -Surface – select either aluminium trays or 2¬” (6cm) wide aluminium slats.-Trays – 7/8″ deep aluminium trays (made from 1mm thick sheet) sit in the supporting framework. The trays are reversible use as a gravel tray or turn over to form a flat level surface ideal for capillary watering. Or the trays can be removed to allow tall plants to be grown through the framework which they can use for support. -Slats – 2¬” (6cm) wide aluminium slats which are spaced 1«” (4cm) apart on the staging fully adjustable to suit different pot sizes but a tight fit so they stay firmly in place.

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