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Simple grow your own

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Seed saving hints to help in the credit crunch — grow your own.

You can grow press at home very simply. It brightens up salads can go on sandwiches and is very cheap and easy. You can buy Crest seeds at some supermarkets and all you have to do is planted on wet kitchen roll or tissue. Keep it down and within a couple of days it will sprout and develop little green leaves. It’s at this point when you harvest it by cutting with scissors. It’s very quick and easy and can really brightened up a door sandwich. You can grow salad in the same sort of way and you pick them as micro-leaves.

You can grow salad in grow bags outside on your patio once spring arrives. It is easy and quick also. The biggest problem you will have is stopping slugs from eating it, but you can do this by keeping it off the ground.

If you have a window box you can grow herbs. In fact if you have a windowsill you can grow basil very easily. Basil was to be grown in pots. You can buy pots of basil in the vegetable section at the supermarket. These can be kept alive some time with careful watering and even repotting. Chives bought the same place can also be repotted. These can be put in the garden where they will grow for years and years. Fruit bushes and trees make a good investment although somewhat more long-term than growing herbs. Once trees start through they will continue to fruit for many years. You can grow many fruits in your own garden including apple, pear, plum and damsons.

If you don’t have room for fruit tree then consider the wild fruit that is freely available along prowls and very quiet roads. You can find blackberries in the autumn and these delicious fresh water jam. There are also rosehips that you can use to make a syrup. You may also be lucky and find a hazelnut tree in the wild.

Gardening Magazines

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Gardening Magazines

Gardening Magazines

Something you can buy a gift for a gardener – a wide range of Gardening Magazines
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For the person who loves growing fruit and vegetables there’s some great magazines
Kitchen Garden
RRP: £84.00
24 issues for £70.00
Save 17%

Grow Your Own
RRP: £82.80
24 issues for £67.00
Save 19%

RRP: £42.25
13 issues for £35.95
Save 15%

For those who enjoy a mix of gardening both food and flowers they’ll enjoy

Garden Answers
RRP: £44.20
13 issues for £42.00
Save 5%

Amateur Gardening
RRP: £24.35
51 issues for £19.99
Save 18%

Garden News
RRP: £98.80
52 issues for £56.00
Save 43%

For fans of the BBC TV show then this next one will be perfect

Gardeners’ World Magazine
RRP: £42.00
12 issues for £35.70
Save 15%

Other magazines available include:

Garden Design Journal – dedicated solely to garden design, making it essential reading for those involved or interested in the subject. Covering design practices and techniques, each issue of Garden Design Journal includes practical advice, case studies, design reviews, specialist topics, news, events. Great magazine to inspire and encourage you if you’re interested in landscaping your garden or developing a hobby into a business!
Gardens Illustrated showcases the latest designs, inspirational gardens, great plants and the most creative designers.
Homes and Gardens – illustrated with stunning houses, amazing gardens, gorgeous decorating and the newest classic and contemporary products for your home.
House and Garden – unique homes and outdoor features, ranging from town houses, to converted barns and fabulous apartments to island retreats and featuring an equally interesting mix of gardens
The English Garden – just gardens in England – traditional to modern and from tiny plots to rolling acres
Go Green featruing everything for a green life – across everything you need – Home & Garden, Family & Children, Food & Drink, Work & Office, Transport & Motoring, Fashion & Beauty
Koi Magazine for Koi and pond keeping advice

Grow your own magazine

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Grow your own – great magazine – receive free seeds and other cover-mount gifts throughout the year as well as a fantastic magazine
Grow Your Own Magazine Subscription : Subscribe to Grow Your Own
This is quite a good magazine, lots of interesting articles in about growing your own fruit and veg.
Plus they have many other gardening magazine subscription offers
Garden magazines, Unique Magazines subscription service
Garden Design Journal, Amateur Gardening, Grow It!, The English Garden, Kitchen
Garden, BBC Gardeners World and BBC Gardens Illustrated

Growing food at home

Monday, July 6th, 2009

It’s easier than you think to grow fruit and vegetables at home. You don’t need a massive garden, a patio or balcony is enough if you’ve got room for a few large pots. Decide what you really like eating best if you’re short of space and if you’ve got more room then you can grow more!

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