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Potato flowers

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Flowers on potatoesSome of the potato plants are flowering! For new potatoes this should mean they’re ready. You don’t have to empty the whole bag out – just have a root round in the compost and see what you find.
Main crop potatoes which you want to be bigger can be left until the foliage dies back.
Don’t forget to have a sniff to see what potato flowers smell like!

Grow your own potatoes – no garden needed!

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Potato growing kit

Potato growing kit

You don’t need a huge garden to grow spuds anymore! Some great technology has been applied to make these strong potato growing bags that are perfect for a small garden where you wouldn’t have room to grow rows of potatoes.
At ideal world you get Four types of Potato with this Grow Pod Kit with 2.5kg Growmore Fertilser and 4 Hessian Sacks
This kit has everything you need to grow potatoes apart from the compost – but you can pick that up for only a couple of quid at almost every supermarket in the country. (40l for £2.29 at lidl)
You get 6 each of the following seed potatoes –
Charlotte Seed Potato Tubers – delicious warm in salad!
Red Magic Seed Potato Tubers – firm white flesh good for boiling and roasting
Blue Belle Potato Tubers – with a blue patch over the eyes – ideal for baking, roasting or boiling.
Lady Christl Seed Potato Tubers producing spuds 8 weeks from planting!

You also get the grow bags, storage sacks for your crop and fertiliser – all for only £19.99
Start them off in a frost free place and you could be eating your own home grown potatoes in May!

Potato offer

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Growing your own spuds is somethhing most people try at least once. If you’ve not got a garden you might think it’s impossible, but even with just a small outdoor space – a yard or patio you can use this fab kit to grow some potatoes.

Suttons sell seed potatoes

& Morgan also sell seed potatoes

Using these special bags called Grow-Pod it’s easy. They are made from a fine weave of hard-wearing, rot-proof polypropylene with lots of integral drainage holes plus they have 2 strong handles for easy carrying make them easy to move about on your patio.
You put the potatoes in at the bottom in a few inches of compost and gradually fill the tubs keep covering the foliage up until the bags are full.
Remember to water regularly too! Potatoes need plenty of water for even growth.

The potatoes you get are:
early cropping, nutty flavour, attractive smooth red skin makes it easy to ‘scrape’

second early cropping, wonderful succulent flesh, waxy texture, delicious eaten hot, or cold in salads

early main crop, yellow skin, golden flesh, good as bakers and for mash

main crop, yellow skin, cream flesh, gorgeous taste, good for chips and roasting

And don’t forget the bags are reusable so year after year you can grow potatoes at home. Loads of places sell seed potatoes too so you don’t have to worry about that!
You can also try more unusual types that you don’t get in the supermarkets too. That’s one of the nice things about your growing your own veg!
You also avoid any problems with diseases in the soul by growing in this way.