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Propane Greenhouse heaters

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Propane Greenhouse heaters at Two Wests and Elliott – this can work out more economical than using paraffin and it’s less messy! They are designed specifically for safe operation in moist greenhouse environments
They burn safely to produce & radiate heat and they also produce growth enhancing CO2.
Propane gas can be obtained from your local bottled gas supplier

Deluxe Fir Tree Gas Heater
Deluxe Fir Tree Gas Heater £123.9900
These Deluxe Fir Tree Greenhouse Gas Heaters are well engineered English made propane gas heaters with a two year manufacturer’s guarantee. -Push-button ignition.Automatic flame failure device. -CO2 sensor – causes the heater to shut off when oxygen levels become too low for healthy plant growth. -Temperature controlled via a graduated thermostat with a temperature range of between 6-38§C (42-100§F).-Detailed operating instructions supplied.-Three models available: -1.5KW – 12«” (32cm) wide 5″ (13cm) deep & 17«” (44cm) high. Suitable for greenhouses up to 8′ x 10′.-3KW – 17″ (43cm) wide 6″ (15cm) deep & 17«” (44cm) high. Suitable for greenhouses up to 10′ x 16′.-6KW – 20″ (51cm) wide 6″ (15cm) deep & 22″ (56cm) high. Suitable for greenhouses up to 10′ x 30′ (or frost protection in a 15′ x 30′ greenhouse).

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