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Soft Fruit offers

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Soft Fruit plants at Thompson & Morgan. A few soft fruit bushes can provide you with fresh home grown fruit during the summer. It’s an easy way of growing your own as soft fruit needs relatively little attention. Picking your own is easy and you can make delicious pies or jam!
I believe every garden should have a couple of fruit bushes or trees. It make sense when soft fruit is always so expensive in the shops!

Gooseberry Collection 3 bushes - 1 of each
Gooseberry Collection 3 bushes – 1 of each £24.99
Collection comprises 1 bush each of Xenia Hinninmaki Yellow Invicta Our established 2 year old bare rooted plants are supplied ready pruned, with a 15cm (6 inch) leg and around five, 23cm (9 inch) stems, that once planted will quickly establish. We have found that from the second season each bush will produce over 3kg (over 6lb) of fruit and will keep on producing this amount for many years to come.

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