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Paving in your garden

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Stone paving

Stone paving

There’s so many wonderful ways of using stone within your garden – you’ll find some inspiring ideas here at Simply Paving.
Creating hard landscaping in your garden is a useful and practical way of making it more accessible, as well as making it more interesting.

By adding pathways, paved areas, even walled beds, you add interest and variety to your garden. You can pick from different types of stone, in different colours and styles. You can mix and match within your garden, picking out the stones you like to see.

If you have been planning the paved area in your garden then you will be very impressed with the range of paving stones and designs available from simply paving. There are circular paving kits, which are stunning and available in a variety of size stones as different types. This allows you to create a unique feature within your garden, picking the colours and stones that you like to make the feature very personal to you.

With the proper paved seating area, you can then enjoy your garden all year round, it’s somewhere to place the chimera and chairs, so you should pick the sunniest part of your garden that you would like to sit in.

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Take care planning where you don’t put your seating area, think back to the summer and where you actually liked sitting, whether you like the shade or the sun. Make the area big enough for everything you want to do. If you want a barbecue area and is sure you have room for this as well. If you just want the seating place the chairs and a table, then bear this in mind when picking the size you want.

You can build flowerbeds with brick walls. By adding variations of height into your garden you will add interest, and you can then use different planting in a raised bed. For instance you can then use trailing plants, which normally would only use the hanging basket.