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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - June 20th, 2009.
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New items at Dobies

Apple Discovery
Apple Discovery £17.95
A superbly flavoured variety whose sweet and juicy fruits should be savoured fresh from the tree, in late August and early September, as, like all early varieties, they don’t keep. An excellent garden variety that is easy to grow and ideal for the patio or smaller garden. 1 Tree (M26 rootstock).

Crab Apple Gorgeous
Crab Apple Gorgeous £17.95
A delightful small tree, smothered with pink-flushed white blossom in spring, followed by long-lasting brilliant red fruits in autumn that remain into winter. (Britain has the best climate in the world for growing apples of the highest quality. Warm summer days and cool summer evenings ensure that they develop excellent flavour and colour). With their pretty blossom and colourful little fruits, crab apples make excellent ornamental trees. They’re also great pollinators for other apple trees and make tasty jelly too! Height after 10 years approximately 5m.
Crab Apple Neville Coleman
Crab Apple Neville Coleman £17.95
Wine-red blossom in spring, followed by large showy fruits, deep purple at first, turning to orange as they ripen. The new growth in spring is a rich purple, maturing to green and tinged greyish-purple. Stunning!
Apple Bramley (Clone 20)
Apple Bramley (Clone 20) £17.95
2009 is the year of the Bramley as it’s now 200 years since this most famous cooking apple was discovered as a chance seedling in a Nottinghamshire garden. Why not celebrate by planting your own Bramley tree? Our clone 20 is a big improvement on regular Bramley, is less vigorous, more controllable, and will give you a significantly heavier crop. Renowned for its excellent cooking qualities. Note that it needs at least two other apples in the locality for pollination. Pick October for use throughout winter. 1 Tree M26 rootstock.
Apple Braeburn (Clone Helena)
Apple Braeburn (Clone Helena) £17.95
Crisp and juicy Braeburn is one of the best-selling varieties in Britain and can now (thanks to this clone) be grown very successfully in the UK, where the climate is particularly suitable. Helena is 10 days earlier than other Braeburns making it particularly good in gardens. Pick from mid October and store for up to 4 months without losing the superb crisp texture! 1 Tree M26 rootstock.
Anemone Plant Collection Offer
Anemone Plant Collection Offer £14.95
The Japanese anemone comes high in the popularity stakes with most gardeners. With a wide range of colours in many shades from purple and pink through to white it is easy to see why. Flowering later in the year when many of the other perennials have gone, the anemone brings welcome colour to garden beds, borders and even patio containers. We have chosen this collection for you to provide variety in both colour and flower type to brighten even the darkest autumn day. Collection comprises 10 plants (2 of each variety): Honorine Jobert – delicate white with bright yellow centres; Pamina – double rose-pink flowers; Prinz Heinrich – semi-double purple flowers; Queen Charlotte – semi-double palest pink blooms; September Charm – large cup-shaped flowers of pastel pink. Height for all varieties up to 90cm. 10 plants.
Raspberry Joan J
Raspberry Joan J £12.95
An excellent spine free variety producing a very good crop of delicious, large juicy berries from late July to October. As a primocane it fruits on newly produced canes. If you have more than you can eat don’t worry, as Joan J freezes superbly. Plants are certified under the Plant Health Propagation Scheme (PHPS) and are hand graded and selected before packing.
Garlic Lover's Collection
Garlic Lover’s Collection £12.80
SAVE £3.00 on this Collection consisting 8 bulbs (2 of each variety): Purple Wight – A good garlic that is earlier than Solent Wight being ready to lift from mid June. Has an attractive purple striped skin containing strong tasting cloves. Stores well until the end of the year. Semi-hardneck type; Solent Wight – A popular selection that is well adapted to the British climate and gives a good crop of large bulbs with plump tasty cloves. Expect to start harvesting in July from a November planting. Softneck type; Illico – A superb, very early-maturing hardneck variety, producing a good crop of tasty bulbs that are mainly white with some pale purple colouring. Hardneck type; Jolimont – Good crops of high quality, deliciously flavoured, white-skinned bulbs that store well right through to January. Softneck type.
Autumn Salad Collection
Autumn Salad Collection £10.95
This collection of fast growing varieties will thrive in the cool days of autumn and provide contrasting tastes and textures to spice up autumn salads. Either wait for the plants to mature or pull a few young leaves when you need them! Collection comprises 50 plants (10 of each variety): Mustard Frills – Attractive deeply cut, dark red leaves with a mild mustard taste; Endive Kentucky – An easy to grow variety, producing fine-leaved plants with a good sharp taste; Lettuce Valdor – The best and largest winter lettuce with solid, deep green hearts. Resistant to cold, wet conditions; Radicchio Palla Rossa Bella – Popular in supermarkets and greengrocers. Delicious, firm red hearts with attractive white veins; Endive Natacha – A vigorous and versatile variety, with green outside and a golden heart.