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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - June 20th, 2009.
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New lines at Suttons Seeds

Complete Border Collection
Complete Border Collection £29.95
We have chosen for you in these collections some of the most popular and some of our favourite perennials for the garden. Perennials will delight for many years, providing colour and structure to beds and borders, and even patio pots. These selected collections which we hope will take the effort out of planning your garden, so why not treat yourself and buy the complete collection at a fantastic price of only

Middle Border Collection
Middle Border Collection £12.95
These perennials will sit in the middle of your beds and borders providing the next layer up from the low growing plants in the front. Collection consists of 10 plants (2 of each variety): Geum Queen of Orange – sprays of hot orange cup-shaped flowers in summer dance above dense mounds of foliage, great for suppressing weeds. Height 45cm; Lobelia Fan Burgundy – this fabulous lobelia has flowers of deep burgundy through summer into autumn, great in the middle of your borders and stunning as a container plant on the patio. Height 50cm; Aquilegia Winky Mix – these delicate perennials in mixed colours of red, purple, blue, yellow and white form clumps of mid green foliage and in the late spring an abundance of upward facing flowers will ‘wink’ at you. Height 45cm; Coreopsis Early Sunrise – semi-double golden yellow flowers provide a stunning display from summer through to autumn and are great for cutting too. Height 45cm; Achillea Summer Pastels Mix – as the name suggests a mix of lovely pastel coloured achillea, in shades of rose, pink, cream and orange, compact growing with delicate fern-like foliage that, with a little deadheading, will flower from mid summer until the first frosts. Height 60cm.
Climbing Collection
Climbing Collection £12.95
Climbing plants have always been popular in our gardens and these are some of the best! Chosen for fragrance, colour and variety these will delight for years to come. Try growing against a wall at the back of your beds, over an arch, pergola or trellis or even an old tree trunk you want to disguise! Collection consists of 10 plants (1 of each variety): Jasmine Officianale – fragrant white flowers from June to October, fantastic where you can smell the perfume in the evenings; Jasmine Beesianum – evergreen with smaller reddish-pink flowers in early and mid summer; Jasmine Humile Revolutum – pretty yellow jasmine, bushier than some varieties but will climb happily against a wall or something similar. Light fragrance from flowers in summer; Lonicera Darts World – evergreen honeysuckle with very fragrant red flowers that will turn yellow from spring to late summer; Lonicera jap. Halliana – pure white tubular flowers that will turn to yellow as they age, highly fragrant, vigorous grower; Lonicera Tellmaniana – an unusual deciduous honeysuckle with large, deep green leaves, that bears burnt orange flowers from spring to summer; Passiflora Caerulea – better known as the Passion Flower. This is a beautiful variety with white flowers and purple blue filaments, flowering from July to September. It is a vigorous, trouble-free climber; Passiflora Purple Haze – this exotic-looking variety is an evergreen with stunning purple flowers, grows best on warm walls; Solanum Crispin Glasnevin – prolific amounts of blue flowers with a bright yellow centre, with evergreen leaves in all but the hardest temperatures, on this climber. Will flower from mid-summer to mid-autumn providing colour when the other climbers have stopped flowering; Solanum Jasminoides variegata – an unusual type of this variety, the leaves are green with golden yellow edges will bear white flowers with yellow centres from July to October. Loves full sun.
Back Border Collection
Back Border Collection £12.95
As the name indicates these perennials have been chosen to make a statement at the back of your beds and borders! Collection consists of 10 plants (2 of each variety): Digitalis Camelot Mix – this hybrid foxglove with colours from lavender through rose to cream and white will provide a fantastic display at the back of your borders and beds from June to August. Height 80cm; Verbena Bonariensis – delicate sprays of purple flowers held on stiff stems that will sway in the summer breeze, a superb backdrop for other more bold coloured flowers and long flowering from summer through to autumn. Height 80cm; Hollyhock Chaters Double Mix – these old-fashioned cottage garden favourites will provide a majestic display at the back of your borders. A mix of soft colours with double blooms that continue all the way up the strong stems flowering from summer through early autumn. Height 125cm; Echinacea Purpurea – giant daisy-like flowers, purple-pink petals with dark ‘coned’ centres will provide a great back drop to some of your smaller plants. Tough and long flowering – June to September – and loved by butterflies and bees. Height 120cm; Kniphofia Flamenco Mix – flaming orange and yellow and fiery reds brighten your beds and borders with this ‘red hot poker’. Providing a ‘towering inferno’ at the back of your borders from June to September! Height 60-90cm.
Front of Border Collection
Front of Border Collection £12.95
These compact perennial plants have been chosen for the front of your beds and borders and offer a wide range of colour and type. The collection consists of 10 plants (2 of each variety): Campanula Clips White – snowy white, bell-shaped flowers form a compact mound covered in masses of flowers through the summer. Height 20cm; Aubretia Blue – vivid blue flowers in the spring borne on short stems above a low mound of soft green foliage. Height 5-10cm; Doronicum Little Leo – bright yellow daisy type flowers cover the compact foliage of this dwarf perennial bringing bursts of sunshine in early spring. Height 30cm; Iberis Snowflake – evergreen perennial great for rockeries as well as front of borders, covered in masses of white flower heads through spring and summer. Height 5-10cm; Gaillardia Arizona Sun – all the colours of the Arizona desert in this low growing gaillardia, bright red centres fading to intense yellow edges, ideal for beds and borders. Only grows to a height of 20cm.