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Label what you plant

by Sarah - July 4th, 2009.
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We had some fun at the allotment today trying to guess what sort of beans we’d planted … they’ve started coming up nicely, look a little smaller than runner beans though, so I assume they’re french beans – but having failed to label the rows I might have mixed them up!

This isn’t a major problem as we’ll eat whatever forms on them! I think what would be more difficult if you plant very similar sorts of things like mange tout and normal peas. Of course if you keep the packets you can look up what height they grow to and if they’re different this alone is enough to identify them… but what if they’re the same!

The answer of course is to label everything, or keep a plot book where you write down everything you grow. Plant labels make your rows easier to spot though which helps with first weeding when you’re not quite sure what’s coming up.
Plant Labels are available at thomson and morgan and are on offer at the moment so you can get two packs plus one free for only £2.98 This means you’ll be able to label everything you plant!

Neat rows of vegetables growing look so good with a nice label on! And it’s also good to label plants you grow in the greenhouse.If you grow from seed also label the trays of seeds – unless you’re absolutely sure you’re going to remember what you’re growing! Especially important if you’re growing leeks and onions from seeds as they can be so similar!