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Cottage garden plants

by Sarah - July 5th, 2009.
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If youre planning your garden to be as busy as possible you’re trying for a cottage garden look.

There’s some plants you should enjoy in your garden and they’re ones available to buy at lots of shops!Cottage Garden Collection (Plants and Bulbs)

The first pack comprises 3 plants each of some great favourites: Campanula carpatica Blue, Aquilegia Hybrids, Red Hot Poker, Dianthus Flashing Light, Heliposis Summer Sun & Delphinium Hybrids. These great planbts create a range of colour, height and style. The red hot pokers are fantastic plants that are quite striking! The delphiniums and aquilegia are mixed colours and these great a great pattern of colour.

The adantages of hardy perrenials are they only need planting once, and will come back each year with fresh colours and foliage. Most will spread through the border too! Plants are usually planted in threes or fives, the odd number helps planting look more natural and less forced. Read instructions for distances to plant apart so they have plenty of room to grow.

Once you’ve planted a border up and watered it well you can put on a layer of bark to help retain water and keep the weeds down. Rolawn Direct sell bark in bulk delivered to your door making it easy to get great value for money too. See Rolawn Direct for bark where you can use code bark16 for a 15% discount and is valid until 31/07/09.

Applying bark is a great way of ensuring the border looks good until all the plants have spread out a bit. It adds a very professional look to your garden too.