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by Sarah - July 6th, 2009.
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Therereally are smoe fantastic bargains to be had online I’ve been impressed by what they have for sale and their prices are excellent.

Growing oranges and lemons sounds impossible given the temperamental British weather but these trees are specially picked to thrive here in the UK.

If you want a home orchard then it needn’t cost there earth:

Suttons have an excellent orchard collection including an apple, a pear, and a plum tree. These trees will be easy to grow in your garden and you will have the pleasure of picking fruit from your own trees. They come as 5ft tall, readyto- plant specimens that quickly grow into 6-7 ft. tall heavy croppers giving you your own fruit to pick. The apple is the Braeburn Apple, the plum is Victoria (which is a fantastic purple sweet plum you’ll love picking and eating straight off the tree!) and the pear is a conference pear which is almost certainly the same pear you buy in the supermarket.

When you consider how much fruit costs in the supermarket (70p a lb easily!) you can see how much you could save by growing your own. Fruit trees need very little maintenance and will keep cropping year on year.
It’s fantastic for children too who’ll love to see apples pears growing on the trees in the garden. This is a fantastic opportunity as it’s only £29.99 for the set of three trees. I think this is very good value and the trees are a good size too.

This isn’t the extent of what’s on offer at garden bargains as they have many more garden offers available, all designed to get you gardening and eating more fruit and vegetables.
Ideal for the credit crunch is some credit munching! Growing your own fruit can save you lots of money – over the years you’ll gather fruit from your trees the amount will increase year on year.
You can add a Stella Cherry and/or Bramley Apple tree to your order too giving you a fantastic orchard for your home.

Planting fruit trees is a long term investment that can give rewards quicker than you think.