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Apple Trees at Thompson and Morgan

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Just a few of the many fruit trees now available at Thompson and Morgan. Plant a fruit tree this year and encourage your neighbours to do the same. Build up a local orchard by having trees in each of the local gardens! It’s a wonderful project for children to get involved in and you’ll really enjoy watching them plant the tree – follow the instructions included with the tree and it’ll be fine! By being involved in picking what sort of tree to grow and planting it you’ll start a life long love of gardening for them!

There’s a tree for every garden from ones you can step over, to dwarf rootstock trees as well as full size amazing trees. Just think if they’re young now when they plant the tree by the time they leave for university or get married it’ll be a hugely fruitful tree and they’ll have years of happy memories picking fruit off it each year!
It’s a wondeful thing to have fruit trees growing in your garden – whilst it’s not self sufficiency by any means, it’s an important step to making good choices about the food you eat. The more local the food is the better it is for the planet – and having your own apple tree in your back garden will be amazing!
In spring you’ll have amazing blossom too and this can be fantastic for getting family photos under each year – in fact, taking a photo the day you plant it and then each year after with all the family there will be a wonderful momento of your children and the fruit tree growing up!
Fruit trees are easy to look after and available in a range of end height trees so you get the right one for your garden. If you’ve got an acre in your back yard then why not plant a dozen fruit trees and start your own orchard! It’s a fantastic use of your land and will be wonderful for insects as well as your harvest time collection of the fruit!
We have just missed National Apple Day though – that was 21st October I think!

Apple : Step Over Apples 2 trees - 1 of each
Apple : Step Over Apples 2 trees – 1 of each £89.99
Step Overs are specially trained fruit trees, ideal for creating stunning edging around fruit gardens and vegetable plots. Attractive and productive, these ‘elbow’ trained trees give structure to your garden, but are low enough to simply be ‘stepped over’

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Fruit trees on offer at Jersey Plants Direct

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Fruit trees offers

Fruit trees offers

It’s a great time to buy Fruit trees at Jersey plants direct – they’ve got some really good offers on:
Family Apple 3 Garden Trees – £39.98
The 3 varieties grown on these trees are Greensleeves, Queen Cox and Red Pippin, they have all been specially chosen to compliment one another. They will bloom at similar times which is necessary for good cross pollination.
Cropping will be September to October.
Height of approx 4m.
Spread of approx 5m.
Plant in full sun.
They will be despatched during October and November.
Height and Spread are approximate size after 10 years.

Apple 2 Garden Trees (Gala/Bramleys) -£29.98

Apple (Gold Del) & Pear (Conf) 2 Garden Trees -£29.98

Pear (Doy du Com) & Plum (Vic) 2 Garden Trees – £29.98

Apricot & Peach 2 Garden Trees – £29.98

Apple Pear Plum 3 Garden Trees – £39.97

Why grow your own fruit?
It’s fairly low maintenance and allows you to pick fruit from your own garden. Very little upfront cost for many years fruit picking. Great for kids to see where fruit comes from too!

Gardening Direct Fruit and Veg

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Get your skates on and start thinking about whether you want to buy any ready grown plug vegetable plants. Now’s the time!
Fruit and Vegetable Plants at Gardening Direct
With 12 fruit trees to pick from you could be planting your very own orchard at home. They take very little loking after and you’ll get to pick lots of amazing fruit.
The soft fruit bushes are excellent value – and grow the rights ones and you could be picking fresh raspberries this time next year.
With gooseberries and blackcurrants available too you’ll find you can make the best jams imaginable!
Their vegetable collections are well worth considering – all the hard work took out of growing things from seed!
Great gardening shop online!

Last chance to buy spring plug plants

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Last Chance to buy spring plug plants at Gardening Direct – Gardening Direct – Bedding Plants, Perennials, Bulbs, Plants, Plug Plants

You can also buy plenty of fruit and vegetable plants online now too – Fruit Trees , Brassicas , Onion and Garlic Sets , Raspberries , Berries and Currants , Strawberries, Vegetable Collection, Beans and Peas, Asparagus , Horseradish , Rhubarb.

Mini orchard offer

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

mini-orchardLove fruit? Would you like to grow your own fruit trees in your own garden? It’s not difficult and if you buy this Buy fruit trees

Mini Orchard Collection – Apple Tree, Pear Tree & Plum Tree

Conference Pear – a true classic –

Victoria Plum – a beautiful sweet eating plum you’ll really enjoy

Braeburn Apple – juicy and crisp

How fantastic would it be to grow your own fruit – imagine being able to pick fruit from trees in your own garden! It’d be a great money saver too – with each tree giving you plenty of fruit, saving you money each year for many years to come.

Plan For … trees

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Amazing range of trees and plants at Planfor
Plan For sells trees and tools for gardeners. If you’ve been after a tree for your garden, but haven’t been impressd with the range at the garden centre this is the place to look. It’s range of trees is impressive – with everything from Abelia grandiflora to Yukka!
They’ve also got some of my favourite plants – Buddleia davidii – these attract butterflies into your garden and is a nice plant too. It quickly fills a gap in the border and can be pruned back hard each year if you don’t want it to get too big.
For bringing bees into the garden you should plant some lavender and it’s available at a great low price. Well worth splashing out on a few plants to make a nice low lavender hedge which you can cut lavender flowers from in the summer!

You can search for the ideal tree byt picking what sort (fruit, conifer, fragrant etc) abd then by climate, sopil and exposure type. This makes sure you get the right tree for your garden!
Simple and easy site to use!

Garden bargains

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Therereally are smoe fantastic bargains to be had online I’ve been impressed by what they have for sale and their prices are excellent.

Growing oranges and lemons sounds impossible given the temperamental British weather but these trees are specially picked to thrive here in the UK.

If you want a home orchard then it needn’t cost there earth:

Suttons have an excellent orchard collection including an apple, a pear, and a plum tree. These trees will be easy to grow in your garden and you will have the pleasure of picking fruit from your own trees. They come as 5ft tall, readyto- plant specimens that quickly grow into 6-7 ft. tall heavy croppers giving you your own fruit to pick. The apple is the Braeburn Apple, the plum is Victoria (which is a fantastic purple sweet plum you’ll love picking and eating straight off the tree!) and the pear is a conference pear which is almost certainly the same pear you buy in the supermarket.

When you consider how much fruit costs in the supermarket (70p a lb easily!) you can see how much you could save by growing your own. Fruit trees need very little maintenance and will keep cropping year on year.
It’s fantastic for children too who’ll love to see apples pears growing on the trees in the garden. This is a fantastic opportunity as it’s only £29.99 for the set of three trees. I think this is very good value and the trees are a good size too.

This isn’t the extent of what’s on offer at garden bargains as they have many more garden offers available, all designed to get you gardening and eating more fruit and vegetables.
Ideal for the credit crunch is some credit munching! Growing your own fruit can save you lots of money – over the years you’ll gather fruit from your trees the amount will increase year on year.
You can add a Stella Cherry and/or Bramley Apple tree to your order too giving you a fantastic orchard for your home.

Planting fruit trees is a long term investment that can give rewards quicker than you think.