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Seed sale at thomson and morgan

by Sarah - July 6th, 2009.
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Time to find some bargain vegetable seeds at Thomson and Morgan – Thompson & Morgan: 50% off selected seeds clearance

They’ve got 27 pages of seeds to plough through but we think you’ll find it worth it if you pick up next seasons seeds for half price now. Here’s a few selected choices for you to get you thinking about what you could be growing next year.

Aubergine : Melanzana Viserba
Vegetable Fruit. Plants grow similarly to sweet peppers and fruit abundantly throughout the summer, preferably under glass or in a sunny spot outdoors. Aubergine Melanzana Viserba ;produces cylindrical, glossy purple skinned fruits with bitter free flesh.
1 packet (660 seeds) HALF PRICE £1.69 £0.84

Banana : Ensete glaucum (Snow Banana) – fantastic plant
Greenhouse Perennial. Possibly the hardiest Ensete species, this plant originates from high altitude China so is accustomed to cooler regions. The huge, glaucous leaves are architectural and decorative, great for the tropical borders or large containers.
1 packet (4 seeds) HALF PRICE £3.59 £1.79

Basil : Sweet Green – very useful herb to keep growing all summer long! The scent of summer, goes perfectly with tomatoes.
Half-hardy Annual Herb. Tasting like a mixture of mint and cloves it compliments courgettes and is legendary in tomato and pasta dishes. Use Basil Sweet Green fresh or dried in salads, casseroles and vinegars. Insect repellent and companion plant for tomatoes. Companion Plant: Reputed to improve the growth and flavour of tomatoes, and keep most insects and bugs off most of your vegetables. Diluted crushed leaves make an effective organic insecticide.
1 packet (400 seeds) HALF PRICE £1.99 £0.99

Bean : Broad Bean : Stereo – delicious and easy to grow
Vegetable. (White Seeded). One of the best, smaller, slender-podded varieties, gaining in popularity for its early setting of ‘mange-tout pods’ which can be picked young, just before the beans form. Broad Bean Stereo is delicious raw, or steamed and eaten whole. Pick regularly for highest yields. Compact, upright habit, ideal for containers. Broad Bean Stereo can also be grown as traditional pods. Height: 90cm (36 inches).
1 packet (50 seeds) HALF PRICE £1.99 £0.99

Bean : Dwarf Bean : Cantare – Duchy Originals
Vegetable. High yielding variety with dark green pods. Pods grow to around 11cm in length. Good disease resistance.
Description Price
1 packet (40 seeds) HALF PRICE £2.69 £1.34

Bean : Runner Bean : Aintree
Vegetable. British breeding from the same stable as the ever popular Red Rum. Runner Bean Aintree has red flowers that produce excellent quality, slim, straight smooth pods up to 28cm (11in) long of very good flavour and which are stringless when young. Has a good tolerance of high temperatures for flower setting.
1 packet (25 beans) HALF PRICE £1.49 £0.74

Bean : Runner Bean : Desiree

In recent years we have introduced and developed vegetables that have achieved real steps forward in yield, flavour, space saving, disease tolerance; etc. This bean fits into this category and is outstanding in every way.

Almost foolproof, it attains huge crops from a small area. Long, broad, completely stringless, very fleshy 25-30cm (10-12in) pods. Very heavy cropping, often averages 40 pods per plant. As it is a shy seeder there is more juicy fleshy edible area, which accounts for the exceptional flavour. Compared with other runner beans it is much more productive under dry weather conditions. White flowered.
1 packet (25 beans) HALF PRICE £2.89 £1.44

Bean : Runner Bean : Enorma – Duchy Originals

Bumper crops of very long straight, slender pods. Runner Bean Enorma produces beans with a fine texture and first class flavour. Pods grow up to 50cm in length.
1 packet (30 seeds) HALF PRICE £2.89 £1.4

Bean : Runner Bean : Lady Di

Superb long, slim, fleshy completely stringless 12 inch pods with a very slow seed development resulting in heavy crops of tender delicious dark green pods over a long season.
1 packet (40 seeds) HALF PRICE £2.99 £1.49

Bean : Runner Bean : Scarlet Emperor – Duchy Originals

Heritage variety, with huge crops of medium pods throughout the summer. Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor is known for its good flavour.
1 packet (30 seeds) HALF PRICE £2.89 £1.44

Beetroot : Globe : Boro F1 – Organic

A strong, healthy beetroot with smooth-skinned, dark red roots and quality foliage. Can be used as ‘baby beets’ or larger mature roots. Stand well in condition through the summer. Later sown beets also store well, keeping their flavour right into the winter.

Beetroot Boro F1 has been bred to give increased Hybrid vigour, garden performance and flavour, thus increasing your harvest. Due to their wide ranging pest and disease resistance, there will be no need for the use of chemicals.
1 packet (200 seeds) HALF PRICE £2.29 £1.14

Borage – Duchy Originals

Vivid sky blue flowers which are attractive to bees. Borage grows to a height of 75cm (30 inches).
1 packet (40 seeds) HALF PRICE £1.99 £0.99