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New products at PondKeeper

by John - July 18th, 2009.
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New products added today at PondKeeper

Oase Jumping Jets with FREE Neptune 6000 Pump
Oase Jumping Jets with FREE Neptune 6000 Pump £1599.99
This is the most exciting water feature on the domestic market. Jets of water ‘jump’ in an arc from one place to another as if by magic. The sight is truly awe-inspiring, especially at night. Similar to it’s smaller sibling ‘Water Jet lightning’ but it is the “chopping” action that makes this display truly stand out.

Oase Jumping Jets Extension Unit
Oase Jumping Jets Extension Unit £1299.99
Thanks to the combinable electronics the preset programs of the two Jumping Jets are controlled with the one remote control unit (supplied with original device). No further pump is required.
Oase Water Jet Lightning
Oase Water Jet Lightning £499.99
NEW top-end water display system now available for the first time at less than £500! Now a high-end effect can be achieved without complicated installation or configuration: Water Jet Lightning is a complete kit comprised of two jet nozzles with incorporated RGB LEDs, pump and remote-operated control unit, allowing for illuminated laminar-flow-type effects to be setup in smaller installations. The remote control allows for selection of different spray and illumination patterns from a distance of up to 250 ft. Patterns vary from invigorating and energetic to calm and soothing. Installation in existing ponds or pools is easy and does not require additional plumbing
Oase Water Startlet
Oase Water Startlet £199.99
The new ‘water entertainment system’ products from Oase are a class above anything seen before on the market. The Water Startlet simply floats on the surface of your pond – it’s five powerful nozzles then create an ever changing display (via an automatically changing program). These water jets are illuminated by the six bright LEDs situated at the base of each jet.