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Fragrant lavender

by Sarah - July 19th, 2009.
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I adore Lavender – it’s a lovely plant that looks fantastic, smells great and give your colour and form in the garden and you can pick the flower stems and bring them indoors too!

Fragrant Butterfly Lavender is well worth planting in your own garden or allotment. It keeps the bees happy too!

Lavendula Hidcote Blue is another one worth getting for a different colour lavender with  fragrant, deep violet summer flowers and aromatic, silvery-grey leaves making it a great english lavender

Place lavender by the edges of paths and you’ll find each time you brush past it’ll release some of it’s scent which will fill you wth pleasure each time you go by!

Lavender is used to make a relaxing essential oil and its scent should be very calming. You can use lavender to flavour some desserts, or use sprigs of it in your bath water for a lovely scent.

It prefers a sunny, well-drained space in your garden and should be trimmed back after flowering too!