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Vegetable Seed Sale

by Sarah - July 27th, 2009.
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Bargains to be had on next years seed sales at Thompson & Morgan: 50% off selected seeds clearance

This is a great chance to buy some bargains for next year.

You should always try to grow one or two different things each year, so even if you’ve got plenty of ideas already, be open to new suggestions.

Seeds on sale at Thompson and MorganĀ  include:
Salad : Niche Oriental Mixed,
Cucumber : Tiffany F1 Hybrid,
Onion : Bunching/Spring : White Lisbon,
Carrot : Early Nantes 2
Radish : Rougette (Globe),
Radish : Rainbow Mixed,
Romaine : Chartwell,
Salad : Herby Salad Leaf Mixed
Pepper : Sweet : Mini Bell Mixed,
Beetroot : Globe : Red Ace F1 Hybrid,
Carrot : Mini Finger,
Leek : Bandit F1 Hybrid
Lettuce : Mini Green Improved,
Basil : Sweet Green,
Broccoli : Belstar F1 Hybrid,
Carrot : Autumn King 2