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Lucky Dip Perrenials

by Sarah - July 27th, 2009.
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If you love perrenials in your garden – and who doesn’t? Then you can buy a lucky dip selection at Thompson and Morgan. This is a great value opportunity to buy something really exciting!

You can find out more about the Lucky Dip Perrenial plant collections here

For just £5.99 you can receive a ‘surprise’ pack of plants worth at least £8.95 Each lucky dip contains one plant – so you’re basically saving nearly £3 on each plant plus you don’t have the trouble of deciding what you want. Of course for the decisive amongst us you can go through all their lovely perrenial plant collections and decide for yourself but if you love a surprise and a bargain this is a great plant buying opportunity.

perrenrial-border1What is a perrenial plant?  They are normally  ornamental plants that do not die after one season of growth, making them different from annuals. They may not live forever and some may only live 3-5 years but they continue to grow in the border without the need for annual sowing.

Herbaceous perennial are plants that die back in winter.