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Rotak mower

by Sarah - July 28th, 2009.
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Bosch make this rotak mower – Bosch ROTAK 40 Electric Rotary Lawn Mower 400mm Cut Width 1700w 240v :

Features of this great mower
– Mow right up to the wall – The new ROTAK lawnmowers with innovative patented grass combs cut the lawn cleanly right up to the wall saving you time – less strimming to do means less messing for you.
– Sharp cutting right up to the edge – Even along flower beds, the new ROTAK allows for precise cutting in one operation and does not leave any strips of uncut grass behind.
– Powerful in long grass – The Powerdrive motor gives a powerful cut thanks to maximum torque even in grass up to 30 cm long.
– Easy handling – Easy and convenient to handle being 40% lighter than conventional lawnmowers
– The innovative ROTAK grass combs – Wider than the front wheels, they effectively cut grass growing close to the edge due to their special design. This means that they can cut the lawn cleanly along walls and edges, in areas that are usually left uncut by conventional lawnmowers.

Mowing the lawn just got easier. They’ve listened to the main complaints about mowing the law – not being powerful enough and missing the edges next to walls, and solved the problems with their new design mower.

Easy to assemble, in use 10 minutes from opening box – and it’s powerful motor gives a quick cut.

Enjoy the garden more!

For those interested in the technical stuff:
Motor power – 1700 W
Cutting system – Rotary blade
Bosch Powerdrive motor – Yes
Torque – 23 Nm
Width-of-cut – 40 cm
Height-of-cut – 20 – 70 mm
Height-of-cut settings – 10, central
Grass combs – Yes
Type of switch – Full width on /off switch
Integrated carrying handle – Yes
Wheels – Rubber coated
Grass box capacity – 50 litre
Motor overload cut-out – Yes
Weight – 13.2 kg