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Ryobi brush cutter

by Sarah - July 28th, 2009.
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An amazing product from Ryobi designed to make your life easier – Ryobi RBC-30SBSA Petrol Brush Cutter with Bike Handle + Line Trimmer Head 460mm Cut Width 30cc 2 Stroke Engine with Quick-Fire Expandit Compatible :

This is the perfect tool to clear large amounts of grass and scrub in a large garden. You could use an electric strimmer, but they tend to struggle over tougher stuff and of course you’re limited by how far your leads can go.
This will be noisier than  most electric strimmers, but it’ll get the job done a lot easier. It has a two year manufacturers warranty.

What should you do with what you cut? You can rake it up and put all the trimmings on your compost heap. The more you have the hotter the pile will get and will rot down quicker.  Long grass can be composted with other types of strimmings. Nettles are great for the compost heap but wear gloves. You should probably wear ear defenders when you use this tool even if you’re only doing a little bit of strimming. Goggles will keep the health and safety nmob from worrying about your eye sight too.

Strim when it’s not just rained – wet stuff is much more hard work to walk through and heavier to pick up. If you can hope for a nice dry day soon then wait.

– Adjustable bike handle for added transport and storage convenience – makes it easier to use
– Split shaft for Expand-it attachments and ease of transport
– Includes Reel-Easy head – ‘Thread and Load system’ and Pro Cut II head – ‘Push and Pull system’ for easy line feed
– Quik-Fire system – Quick fire carburettor for easy starting
– Dual ring piston for more power, a hard chrome plated cylinder for more durability and heavy duty clutch for optimum power transfer
– Straight shaft trimmer – Provides extended reach for hard to get-to-areas
– Tri-arc cutting blade 200mm cutting path width

Engine capacity – 30cc
Output Power – 1.0hp
Tank capacity – 0.415litres
Cutting path width – 46cm
Line diameter – 2.4mm
Blade diameter – 200mm
Weight – 7.13kg

Included as standard:
Cutting line heads
Holding pin
Grass shield
2-stroke oil
Spool head and retainer
2 x wrench