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New products at Unwins Seeds & Plants

by Sarah - September 13th, 2009.
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New items at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Seakale Angers Thongs
Seakale Angers Thongs £14.95
This highly productive hardy perennial British native can be found on beaches and rocky outcrops.  Drought tolerant the blanched stems young flower heads and leaves can all be eaten. For early tender stems cover the crown with a bucket or rhubarb forcer in late winter and use the same as asparagus.

Asparagus Crimson Pacific Crowns
Asparagus Crimson Pacific Crowns £14.95
A mid-season purple variety so tender and sweet that young spears can even be eaten raw in salads! Excellent for adding colour and flavour to your meal.
Asparagus Knife
Asparagus Knife £13.95
You are unlikely ever to find this traditional fenland design in the shops. The eleven inch long serrated blade is specially shaped to cut asparagus. Made in the UK from top quality Sheffield steel its sturdy construction will guarantee you years of service.  
Asparagus Gijnlim Crowns
Asparagus Gijnlim Crowns £12.95
This early season high yielding male variety produces medium thick mid-green spears with closed purple tips. Highly recommended for flavour.
Asparagus Backlim Crowns
Asparagus Backlim Crowns £12.95
Mid to late season male variety with consistent yields of large smooth spears with well closed tips. It has good disease resistance.
Jerusalem Artichoke - Fuseau
Jerusalem Artichoke – Fuseau £10.75
Not truly an artichoke but a variety of sunflower with a lumpy brown-skinned tuber. The white flesh is a good source of iron it has an usual nutty flavour and can be roasted boiled or baked. 
Gooseberry Pax Bush
Gooseberry Pax Bush £9.95
A full flavoured red dessert gooseberry with virtually spine-free canes for trouble-free picking.  Vigorous bushes are tolerant of mildew and give high yields of berries that you can eat fresh or use in pies jams and wine.
Jerusalem Artichoke - Common
Jerusalem Artichoke – Common £9.75
Knobbly and irregular in shape with pale purply-brown skin.  Scrub and boil or steam until tender then peel and served mashed with butter. 
Chinese Artichoke Tubers
Chinese Artichoke Tubers £8.50
This hardy perennial vegetable is actually a member of the mint family.  It has a fresh crisp and crunchy texture and a delicate nutty taste. It can be eaten raw steamed or stir-fried. Lift as required from November to early spring once the foliage has died off after frost.