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Price reductions at Unwins Seeds & Plants

by Sarah - September 13th, 2009.
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Reduced price on products today at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Westland Feed-All Slow Release Plant Food
Westland Feed-All Slow Release Plant Food was £2.99 now £2.95
Easy to use granules ideal for pots hanging baskets and borders. Westland Feed-All promotes active healthy roots greener foliage and abundant flowers Release of nutrients is temperature controlled. Hot weather and periods of rapid growth release more fertiliser. In cooler conditions rate slows down One application feeds plants for six months

Sweetcorn Swift Plants
Sweetcorn Swift Plants was £7.95 now £5.95
This was the first variety of sweetcorn bred with a very thin skin on the kernels that greatly improved the eating qualities. Well adapted to UK growing conditions cobs are juicy sweet and full of sun-ripened flavour. As the plants rely on wind pollination grow the 16 plants supplied in a 4 x 4 block so they get the full effect from whichever way the wind blows. Mid May despatch for harvesting in late summer.
Gro-Sack First Early Potato Growing Kit
Gro-Sack First Early Potato Growing Kit was £13.95 now £12.95
The Grow Anywhere Potato Gro-Sack… for the earliest new potatoesThe Perfect Way to Grow Potatoes on: Patios Back Yards Roof Terraces First Early Potato Rocket producing extra-early new potatoes with pure white waxy flesh with a soft bite from first harvest digging. Praised for its earliness ease of growing tuber size crop yields and uniform quality.