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What could you be planting now?

by Sarah - September 20th, 2009.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan.

It’s getting time to think about planting onions, shallots, rhubarb, asparagus and garlic. You can buy all these online if you’ve not got a good local garden centre near you. Online at Thompson and Morgan you get great value and fantastic quality plants, bulbs and seeds.

Special offer – Onion Set Santero – ONLY 99p with orders over £8.99

Asparagus : Mondeo : Autumn Planting

All male hybrid. Creating huge interest due to its impressive yields and quality, especially early in the season.
Fairly easy to grow and a good reward crop as it’s something quite expensive to buy in the supermarkets. The spears of Asparagus Mondeo have tight tips throughout the season, excellent flavour and good disease resistance. Someone on our allotment plot has a well establish asparagus bed and it’s very impressive. Good fat spikes of delicious spears of aspargus.

10 crowns ONLY £16.99

Autumn Planting Garlic : Messidrome

Softneck variety from French production, producing large white bulbs with excellent flavour for all culinary uses. Well worth growing if you’re a big garlic fan!

3 bulbs ONLY £3.99

Onion : Electric -lovely red onion
Shiny red skinned, semi globe shaped bulbs with pink tinged crisp flesh ideal for salads or in stir fries. Overwintered and ready for harvest early July.
Pack size: 250g when packed, sets size between 17-21mm (approx 50 sets), or 14-21mm (approx 75 sets), dependent on weather, harvesting and grading issues.
1 pack ONLY £3.99

Shallot : Echalote Grise
Khaki coloured shallot rarely seen in Britain. A gourmet shallot prized in French cuisine with its intense and concentrated flavour. Approx. 500g. Approx. 20 sets.
1 pack ONLY £5.49

Rhubarb : Champagne
Early variety, forced to give early, pinkish tinged stems. Stems have a darker red base and colour if not forced. Fantastic stuff for crumble or puddings. Offers great value – will get you started on your own rhubarb patch!

2 budded crowns ONLY £5.49