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Butternut Squashes

by Sarah - September 21st, 2009.
Filed under: allotment, Thompson and Morgan.

The BBC were giving away free vegetable seeds this year in an effort to get
more people growing food across the UK. I applied for my free seeds and planted
them. The tomatoes grew well and I’ve had plenty of fruit off them, but the
butternut squash wasn’t so successful.
Following the instructions I grew four plants and these seedlings did really
4 weeks after sewing you can plant them out into a football size hole filled
with compost. They need plenty of water and to be kept free of slugs which seem
to love this plant in preference to anything else apart from lettuce. I planted
mine out and the slugs decimated three of them leaving one to grow on and flower.
its not set any fruit though at all. It has continued to flower though and there
is always the option of picking the flowers and battering them and deep frying
them. This is supposed to be very delicious but it won’t make up for the fact
I wanted to grow butternut squashes this year.

Thompson and Morgan sell two types of Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash Waltham – this is an organic seed from Duchy Originals and it produces attractive tan coloured fruits with sweet, creamy yellow flesh.

Barbara Butternut F1 Hybrid – rich orange, delicious tasting flesh with an unusual striped green skin. Can be harvested small or fully grown.