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Fruit trees on offer at Jersey Plants Direct

by Sarah - November 19th, 2009.
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Fruit trees offers

Fruit trees offers

It’s a great time to buy Fruit trees at Jersey plants direct – they’ve got some really good offers on:
Family Apple 3 Garden Trees – £39.98
The 3 varieties grown on these trees are Greensleeves, Queen Cox and Red Pippin, they have all been specially chosen to compliment one another. They will bloom at similar times which is necessary for good cross pollination.
Cropping will be September to October.
Height of approx 4m.
Spread of approx 5m.
Plant in full sun.
They will be despatched during October and November.
Height and Spread are approximate size after 10 years.

Apple 2 Garden Trees (Gala/Bramleys) -£29.98

Apple (Gold Del) & Pear (Conf) 2 Garden Trees -£29.98

Pear (Doy du Com) & Plum (Vic) 2 Garden Trees – £29.98

Apricot & Peach 2 Garden Trees – £29.98

Apple Pear Plum 3 Garden Trees – £39.97

Why grow your own fruit?
It’s fairly low maintenance and allows you to pick fruit from your own garden. Very little upfront cost for many years fruit picking. Great for kids to see where fruit comes from too!