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by Sarah - January 29th, 2010.
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Dobies is the best buy seed supplier by Which? Gardening. They have seeds from just 75 p per packet making it a great place for bargain hunters. Their bestsellers at the moment include a patio potato growing kit which comes with three varieties of seed potato, rhubarb collection which contains three varieties of delicious rhubarb, garlic bulbs and asparagus crowns.


If you’re looking to grow seeds this year, then Dobies is a great place to start. They have such a wide variety that you’re sure to find everything you looking for. From vegetable seeds, onion sets grafted vegetables, fruit as well as equipment. Great prices combined with great quality seed means your garden will be blooming this year.

Everyone in the garden or patio should try grow something new each year. The slots are things you can grow in tubs if you don’t have a lot of room, and if you have a large garden you can fill it with trees and plants.

Growing potatoes is very popular this year and new containers have been designed especially for people with very little room, or just a balcony or patio. This enables you to taste freshly dug new potatoes that you have grown yourself. The taste will be worth all the effort, although the kit makes it very easy to do.