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New products at Dobies

by Sarah - January 29th, 2010.
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Dobies just added these new products

Stacking Chair Cover 14
Stacking Chair Cover 14 £16.95
Keep your garden furniture clean and protected from adverse weather conditions with this superb, non-tear cover. Top quality PVC backed polyester. U.V. stabilised against the sun. Brass eyelets. Wipe clean surface. 100% waterproof. Cover width 61cm (24″), depth 68cm (27″), height at front 68cm (27″), height at back 107cm (42″). SOLD-OUT

Garlic Vayo 2 Bulbs
Garlic Vayo 2 Bulbs £3.95
A first-rate virus-free variety, producing a bountiful harvest of large, very attractive violet-glazed/streaked bulbs with a superb flavour. Hardneck type. 2 Bulbs (12-13 cloves per bulb).Our ‘hardneck’ (Rocambole) varieties are closest to wild garlic and naturally form a seed stalk or scape which curls into a characteristic loop. They are very hardy, so will thrive throughout the UK, and are ideal for more northern areas. They have a particularly fine flavour. Garlic ‘scapes’: food for free – almost! – Plant out ‘hardneck’ garlics and you will get a delicious bonus! Will produce a green stalk – known as a scape and this is usually removed to encourage bulb development. If the scape is cut when it is young and tender it becomes a delicious novel vegetable in its own right. Scapes can be used in stir fries, sauces and just about any dish where a mild garlic taste is appreciated. Full growing instructions included. SOLD-OUT These bulbs come from certified virus-free stock, ensuring it will grow into healthier plants and produce larger harvests! Has the added bonus that it’s particularly suitable for harvesting in May as ‘green garlic’ – a delicious, sweet, mildly garlic-flavoured vegetable that is popular in the restaurant trade.