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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - February 23rd, 2010.
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Dobies reduced the price on this product today

Flow-Through Brush Washer with FREE Jet Broom
Flow-Through Brush Washer with FREE Jet Broom was £29.95 now £19.95
Telescopic Flow-through Brush Washer – Make short work of cleaning conservatories, greenhouses, high windows and high vehicles with our extending brush washer. It has a large, dual-angled head with super-soft bristles that will clean thoroughly without scratching, and a ‘squeegee’ blade for removing excess water. The sturdy 2-piece aluminium handle extends to an impressive 2.4m (8′) for easy-reaching, and has soft foam hand grips, a valve to control water flow, and a male universal hose connector. FREE Jet Broom – Why simply brush up when you can wash and brush up at the same time? The Jet Broom simply attaches to any garden hose, to clean away dirt stains and wash between cracks. It has a rust-proof aluminium handle with comfortable foam-cushion grip, and a convenient on/off control valve to adjust water volume. Complete with male hose attachments. Overall length approximately 1.5m (6′).