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Suttons plant offers

by Sarah - February 23rd, 2010.
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Great plant offers at Suttons Seeds and Plants

Suttons – discounts on plant collections

Senetti Collection
£8.95 or Buy 2 Get 1 FREE
Flowers earlier than the average bedding plant!

Senetti has amazing flower power, producing up to 200 individual blooms per plant at any one time. The vivid magenta bi-colour, blue and intense magenta flowers will brighten up the cloudiest of days. They are the perfect plants to provide strong colours to brighten your pots and patio containers before the summer displays come into full bloom. What’s more, after the first flush of flowers is over, you can simply trim them back and they’ll bloom again in a matter of weeks. Can be grown indoors or outside.

Delivered as Pot Ready Plants
Code: 209171 – 6 Pot Ready Plants-
Code: 209161 – 18 Pot Ready Plants – £17.90

Onion, Shallot & Garlic Collection
Only £9.95 – Save over 15%!
The essential kitchen ingredients

Onion & Shallot sets are immature bulbs in an arrested stage of growth so that they start to grow quickly when you plant them, rarely being attacked by pests or diseases. Garlic is so easy to grow, simply plant a clove and it grows to form a plump garlic bulb.

Delivered as 400g of Shallot Red Sun and Onion Centurion & 2 bulbs of Garlic Arno Code: 174045

Spring Bedding Plant Collection
60 Plants for just £12.95!
A splash of colour

Bellis is sometimes called the Spring Daisy and this mixture comes in shades of red, rose, white and a rose bicolour; Stock Hot Cakes is a sweetly scented mix, with colours from blue through to pink and white. And no bedding collection is complete without Pansies which contain an enormous variety of single and blotched face colours!

Delivered as 60 Easiplants, 20 each of Bellis Mix, Pansy mix and Stock Hot Cakes
Code: 209181