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Growing Fruit

by Sarah - February 25th, 2010.
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Plant a fruit tree

Almost every garden has room for a fruit tree or a few fruit bushes. They don’t cost a huge amount and most will give you fruit for many years.
Buying Fruit trees and bushes online at Suttons
They are simple to plant and look after and will provide years of fruit for very little effort.
Whether you decide on an apple tree, a damson tree (something that’s delicious to eat, makes great jam and is virtually unknown in the shops!), pears, cherries, raspberries… so many different varieties. Suttons have an A-Z list of fruit plants and trees. It’s really very impressive the range available to buy. Of course those lucky enough to have lots of space could plant an orchard which would become an amazing place as well as a food resource!

Growing your own food in this way is so easy and rewarding. Imagine the fun you and your kids can have picking your own apples or plums! It’s such a great thing for kids too – to realise that they can grow food at home and it’s much nicer than what you’ll get in the shops.