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Growing Tuberose

by Sarah - February 25th, 2010.
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Tuberose at Suttons it’s Price: £7.95 Code for 3 tubers or at Thompson & Morgan Tuberose it is 5 bulbs for £8.99, 10 bulbs for £10.99 or 20 bulbs for £16.99

The tuberose is not a plant for lazy gardeners. Each tuber only flowers once, it will produce new tubers, but these have to be stored in a frost free place. So if you live in an area that expects its sharp frosts in winter then you must pick them up and store them somewhere. They then need to be replanted in the spring.

Although there are very pretty flowers, this is too much work for someone as lazy as me. I am a fan of plants that you put in and forget about and they just keep coming a year upon year. However I do know a lot of people really like the tuberose as it’s very pretty and you can cut the stems and bring them in and a really lovely and have a great smell too.
The tuberose available at Suttons and Thompson and Morgan is called the Pearl. This is a really enchantingly pretty plant producing very tall flower stems topped with the most pretty pearly white double flowers. Florists loved this one, and the blooms being fragrant very attractive. It will grow between 60 and 90 cm tall. It’s only available up until mid April so if you want to close this year, you really do need to order them now. You can’t come out a couple of inches deep and 8 inches apart but only after the danger of frost is passed. It will flower July and August.