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Damson Trees

by Sarah - March 5th, 2010.
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Damsons are so rarely available in the shops yet they are delicious and easy to grow. Why not buy one and plant it in your garden and then you can start enjoying the delicious fruit in September and making damson jam!

My gran used to make damson jam from the tree in her garden and when I got an allotment and found there was a damson tree on it I was delighted! The fruits were really delicious and made excellent jam! I’m currently having a spoonful of jam every morning in my porridge! It’s fantastic! They are easy to look after too!
They are self-fertile too which just means they don’t need another damson tree near by to get fruit from. Some fruit trees need to be matched up with a similar fruit tree type to ensure pollination, but damsons manage it all by themselves You get great blossom too!