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Spring plant offers at Thompson and Morgan

by Sarah - March 5th, 2010.
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Spring is starting to stir the plants into action!

Thompson & Morgan

Spring is starting on the plants springing into life. You should have bulbs coming up showing their bright green shoots through the dark dismal soil. Spring bulbs are one of the nicest parts of spring. Because you do all the hard work last year implanting them, it always comes as a lovely surprise when they pop their heads up. And bulbs come up year after year after year making them a truly great investment in your garden. You can also put bulbs in quite shady areas under trees and most of them don’t mind.

For summer bedding no you need to start looking at the plants available to buy online right now. It’s not quite time to have them delivered, but it is certainly time to decide which ones you should have and make your order now.

The spring bedding plants and also on offer at Thomson and Morgan. On their latest office page they have a three-for-two from plants which allows you to take advantage of their great prices and buy some brilliant plants. This range includes the busy Lizzie’s, geraniums, the juniors as well as beautiful marigolds. These are all great summer flowers are your garden. They are suitable for garden borders and tops. They will provide your garden with a great deal of colour throughout the summer months.

The giant fuchsias are available for only five pounds for five. These can have flowers that look to 10 cm across that is about as big as your hand. There is some great colours to the IS fantastic weather you put them in a hanging basket or a window box. They also flower all summer and they are really pretty flowers to have in your garden.

The latest office page is a new edition at Thomson Morgan designed to make sure that you see the best bargains that they have. All the offers were on one page and at the moment includes some plant collection is at half price, three-for-two offers on seeds as well, and Best buy range. All these contribute towards making Thomson Morgan your first stop when shopping online for plants.