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New products at Thompson and Morgan

by John - March 11th, 2010.
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New items added today at Thompson & Morgan

Clematis florida Sieboldii 3 jumbo plants + Fertiliser + DVD
Clematis florida Sieboldii 3 jumbo plants + Fertiliser + DVD £25.47
This interesting clematis cultivar originates from the Chinese species, florida. No other shrub can match the flower power of clematis for transforming walls and fences into a floral showpiece. Clematis florida Sieboldii is a much sought-after plant that’s just fantastic in pots and twining through shrubs. This clematis is ideal for the smaller garden or containers. Needs a well-drained soil in full sun. Click here to view our full range of clematis Click here to view our clematis buying-guide

Columbine Blackcurrant Ice 10 potted plants
Columbine Blackcurrant Ice 10 potted plants £17.98
Such a great colour combination! Aquilegia Blackcurrant Ice is a cute little aquilegia that would look super in patio pots, rockeries or in the front of the border.
Begonia Freefall 5 jumbo plants
Begonia Freefall 5 jumbo plants £11.99
The newest cascading begonia in a rainbow of colours.
Begonia Lemondrops & Peardrops Mix 5 jumbo plants
Begonia Lemondrops & Peardrops Mix 5 jumbo plants £11.99
The rich salmon-orange, fully-double flowers of Begonia Peardrops have a yellow hue which comes and goes throughout the year and contrast with Begonia Lemondrops for a colourful display. The rich dark foliage provides a stunning contrast to these magnificent flowers. The plants are compact and they will flower all summer long, still looking great in October!
Fuchsia Beckie-Lou 5 jumbo plants + FREE Fertiliser
Fuchsia Beckie-Lou 5 jumbo plants + FREE Fertiliser £9.99
Hardy Fuchsia Beckie-Lou is a new fuchsia with a classic look! One of the most floriferous fuchsias we have seen on our travels recently! We were astounded by the number of flowers, and over such a long period. Hardy too, so can be enjoyed each and every year. This extra special variety is named after two girls, Rebecca and Lucy Hassell, who died in a road crash, as a result of road-rage, in October 2005. The variety has been adopted by the Charity Road Peace. Donation to Road Peace charity for every pack sold – Click here to read more Pillar PacksFor this extra special display, you can grow your own column of colour with Fuchsia Beckie-Lou – thanks to our super value Pillar Pack! You will be supplied with a pack of 3 whips ready for growing on, plus 3 other plants for bushing out the base of the plant display. Full instructions will be supplied with your order. Standard WhipsFor maximum impact in the border or on the patio, you can train Fuchsia Beckie-Lou as a standard. Use our specially grown whips to create your own standards and impress your gardening friends!
Fuchsia Lady Boothby 10 jumbo plants
Fuchsia Lady Boothby 10 jumbo plants £9.99
It’s true – this IS the World’s only climbing fuchsia! Lady Boothby was bred from an original Brazilian species in 1939 and named after the founder of the British Fuchsia Society. Bright two-tone flowers adorn its red stems that stop at nothing when it comes to climbing! Provide a little support and it’ll clothe trellis, arches wall and fences in no time at all. Apart from being extremely vigorous it’s also exceptionally hardy, so you can look forward to repeat performances from Fuchsia Lady Boothby year after year.
Courgette : Black Forest 5 jumbo plants
Courgette : Black Forest 5 jumbo plants £9.99
Unique climbing habit, saving space, and best grown in containers on the patio. Courgette Black Forest’s climbing habit, needs supporting and tying. Courgette Black Forest will produce heavy yields of dark green, smooth, cylindrical 15cm (6in) courgettes if picked regularly. Ideal courgette to grow in a container on the patio.
Begonia Non Stop Mixed 10 tubers
Begonia Non Stop Mixed 10 tubers £9.99
Begonia Nonstop Mixed has wonderfully showy blooms in an unusual combination of colours – yellow, gold, orange and red – which create a truly eye-catching contrast to the deep green foliage. The fully-double flowers of Begonia Nonstop Mixed have an excellent garden performance.
Choisya ternata Sundance 3 jumbo plants
Choisya ternata Sundance 3 jumbo plants £9.99
The yellow-leaved Choisya ternata Sundance is a reliable performer that has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM). The AGM, the highest RHS accolade a plant can have, was instituted to help gardeners select the best plants for their garden. By choosing a plant with the award, gardeners can be sure that it is: “of outstanding excellence for ordinary decoration or use; available; of good constitution; not requiring highly specialist growing conditions or care; not particularly susceptible to any pest or disease; and not subject to an unreasonable degree of reversion in its vegetative or floral characteristics”.