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Price reductions at Thompson and Morgan

by John - March 11th, 2010.
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Thompson & Morgan reduced the price on these products today

Pansy : Flambé Red 1 packet
Pansy : Flambé Red 1 packet was £0.99 now £0.69
Pastel shades that range through rose, flame red and ruby form the flambe effect which adds colour and contrast to beds, borders and containers. What’s more, the flowers fade through the colours, changing like a chamaleon.

Tomato : Green Grape (Heritage) 1 packet
Tomato : Green Grape (Heritage) 1 packet was £0.99 now £0.69
Cordon (Indeterminate). Medium sized, ripened fruit of green and yellow, hang in clusters like large muscat grapes on cordon plants. Soft, fleshy fruit has a delicious, yet unusual sweet flavour. Unique yet easy to cultivate, and bound to cause a lot of interest, served whole or sliced In salads. Perhaps one day there will be green tomato ketchup! For greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.Heritage tomatoes: Thompson and Morgan over the past 100 years have found several tomatoes from their own trials and through travelling around the world seeing and tasting varieties both old and new. We have put together a range of good old fashioned tomatoes from those forgotten years that we consider have stood the test of time. All are unusual in colour and shape having a wonderful flavour of how tomatoes used to be, making a welcome addition to any kitchen garden.
Evening Primrose : Sunset Boulevard 1 packet
Evening Primrose : Sunset Boulevard 1 packet was £0.99 now £0.69
Well branched plants, red stemmed with rich green, lanceolate foliage. The striking flowers are in whorls, vivid orange/red when fully open and when over, turn to red. Like many Oenotheras, the combination of open and spent bloom together, is stunning. This very choice plant makes a wonderful addition to the perennial border and because it flowers in its first year from sowing, it also makes an attractive annual.
Seed Trays 10 half-size trays
Seed Trays 10 half-size trays was £9.99 now £5.99
Top quality seed trays, ideal for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings or for transplanting seedlings into. Full Size Trays: 36.5cm x 22cm x 5.5cm Half Size Trays: 22.5cm x 16.5cm x 5cm
Fuchsia Hardy Collection 3 (Army Nurse, Delta's Sarah & Shrimp Cocktail) 9 plants - 3 of each + FREE labels
Fuchsia Hardy Collection 3 (Army Nurse, Delta’s Sarah & Shrimp Cocktail) 9 plants – 3 of each + FREE labels was £10.48 now £7.99
Gleaming like jewels, hardy fuchsias rescue a fading garden with an exuberant flurry of late blooms that last well into the autumn. Great among shrubs, perennials and roses, they grow more impressive as the years go by. Vigorous, winter-hardy and deciduous. Height: 30-36 inches. Grown in peat-free cells. Collection comprises: Shrimp Cocktail Army Nurse Delta’s Sarah
Lathyrus Sweet Dreams Mixed 10 cells (50 plants)
Lathyrus Sweet Dreams Mixed 10 cells (50 plants) was £13.99 now £8.99
A world exclusive collection of distinctly different Sweet Peas – we believe Sweet Dreams to be the best mixture ever! Each and every one, including many award winning varieties has been selected for outstanding fragrance, exhibition standard blooms and superb growing performance. Pop a few stems in a vase to fill a whole room with fragrance. Sweet peas produce 100s of blooms throughout the season, and the more you cut the more they will flower …. try them, you’ll be amazed! Cell-raised with an average of 5 plants per cell. Use with our Sweet Pea Support Rings. Try our great value Acrylic Vase – perfect for displaying your cut blooms.
Tomato : Tomarvellous™ 5 plants
Tomato : Tomarvellous™ 5 plants was £9.99 now £8.99
If red tomatoes are your preference then try Tomato Tomarvellous™. Remarkably tasty, extremely sweet and heavy cropping, we think it’s simply the very best red cherry tomato in its class or we will refund your money!* And if our trial is anything to go by, we’re confident that you’ll want to grow it again and again! 10 out of 10 for flavour and sweetness – and get as many as 500 bite-size fruits per plant. * To claim a refund, tell us in writing which home-grown red cherry tomato you believe the be sweeter than Tomarvellous™ and the reasons why. All claims must be made by 30 September 2010.
Begonia Inferno™ 5 jumbo plants
Begonia Inferno™ 5 jumbo plants was £9.99 now £8.99
Performs superbly – come rain or shine! How’s about that for a towering inferno? Possibly the brightest begonia ever – Begonia Inferno™ is a brand new variety from a modern breeding programme; offering colour, vigour, all-weather performance and unbeatable flower power from June to October. Plants are fast growing; giving almost instant impact, there’s no need to deadhead either, so this really is the perfect low maintenance plant! Take a look at our special MAXI TOWER, covered beautifully in Begonia Inferno. You can also have your very own tower just like ours – Click here to view
Lily Rainbow Pardancanda 3 bareroot plants
Lily Rainbow Pardancanda 3 bareroot plants was £9.99 now £8.99
Commonly known as Rainbow Lilies, the wildly colourful, iris-like blooms of this beautiful Pardancanda are produced in abundance in a mix of vivid shades. A result of new breeding, this exquisite new variety now gives in excess of 100 flowers per plant! Superb for cutting or any sunny border.